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Binance Dips, VeChain Backs Metaverse, Big Eyes Coin on Rewards Spree

May 23rd, 2023 at 3:10 pm UTC · 4 min read

With the introduction of the first cryptocurrency in 2009, we knew that the financial industry – and the world, in fact – would not be the same again. Although it did not have an immediate effect, most of our technological advancement, especially the web3 space, is an offshoot of cryptocurrency. It sparked an entire technological age of improvement that is now so present in our lives that it can be found in everything.

Binance Dips, VeChain Backs Metaverse, Big Eyes Coin on Rewards Spree

The Web3 space and cryptocurrency are two of the most powerful forces in our current technological infrastructure and will continue to grow throughout the years. One blockchain, VeChain has made the crucial decision to form a collaborative partnership with a web3 giant, the Metaverse, to provide critical solutions to asset and property management. Binance coin has been experiencing bearish conditions lately. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is less than a month away from launch and is still giving away massive rewards.

Binance Falls Below Support Level

Binance Coin (BNB) is amongst the strongest blockchains on the market. Ranking 4th in market capitalization, and is the coin of the popular crypto exchange Binance. It is similar to other crypto assets because it experiences the same fluctuations, and holders of BNB have access to compatible wallets away from crypto exchanges which can be used to send the coin directly to other wallets for payments.

Recently, it has experienced a significant dip in value, as much as 2.4%, and has come under the key support level of $318. The price has been generally fluctuant over the past month but has been more on the bearish side. Due to it being affected by the performance of Bitcoin, should Bitcoin continue to fluctuate as it is currently, there will be more selling pressure for BNB.

VeChain Taps into Metaverse

Binance Dips, VeChain Backs Metaverse, Big Eyes Coin on Rewards Spree

VeChain is a blockchain platform that aims to greatly improve supply-chain management and business operations. It uses a dual-token system in which one token stores and transfers value whilst the other is used for transactions and executing smart contracts. The technology allows for tracking and verifying physical goods on the blockchain, which ensures their authenticity and traceability.

With the Metaverse still being relatively new, there are still a lot of teething issues being faced within the landscape. The most common of these problems are identity verification, intellectual property protection, and the security of virtual assets.

Vechain utilizes its technology to verify users’ identities and link them to their respective accounts. Moreover, for intellectual property protection, the blockchain creates records of ownership which limit the risk of piracy or unauthorized use. For the security of virtual assets, its dual token system can prevent fraud and theft when it creates a secure record of virtual goods by tracing transaction history and ownership.

Big Eyes Coin: Stack Your Rewards Before the Real Fun Begins

Binance Dips, VeChain Backs Metaverse, Big Eyes Coin on Rewards Spree

Big Eyes Coin has had one of the largest and loudest presales in the past few years, growing rapidly since its first day. Within a month, it raised over 8 million dollars and was listed on a major coin exchange. This was a testament to the incredible potential of this coin and gave us a glimpse into how it may perform in the wider market. So far, the community has raised over $35 million.

The star attraction for Big Eyes Coin was its loot boxes which came with its own set of rewards. For a minimum investment of $10, users could win prizes valued at up to $1 million. This attracted many hungry crypto investors and so the bonus code was born. After starting with a bonus of 20%, it has now been raised to a bonus of 300% in the final weeks of the presale. Users can unlock this phenomenal reward by using the code END300.

Furthermore, Big Eyes Coin has recently introduced its NFT collection which allows users to collect, mint, and trade these for an additional profit. These make a great side investment alongside the loot boxes or even work as a long-term investment for when these NFTs hit the wider market and become scarce.

Whatever your choice of investment, Big Eyes Coin has something for everyone. Join the Kitty Cuddlers today, use the bonus code END300, and unlock a flood of rewards. Presale ends June 3rd.

In conclusion, cryptocurrency has completely changed the way we look at the financial world because it has unlocked previous untapped potential for business and financial investment. Similarly, the Web3 landscape has expanded the potential of technological advancement and infrastructure, allowing us to move into other areas and create new opportunities and collaborations for further development. These two industries, in partnership with each other, will be the leading catalyst for a new revolution.

For more on Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Website, TelegramTwitterYouTubeOpenSea.

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