DAO.VC Conducts a Lottery for Participants In the Closed AMA

Place/Date: - August 23rd, 2021 at 9:35 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: DAO.VC

DAO.VC Conducts a Lottery for Participants In the Closed AMA
Photo: DAO.VC

On Thursday, August 26th, 2021, the decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem DAO.VC will hold a private AMA session, during which it will raffle prizes for $5,000. The founder and CEO of DAO.VC, Georgy Galoyan, a regular speaker of blockchain events, will participate in the AMA session. Additionally, founder of a marketing agency BZNTM.COM, project advisor Peter Bell will attend. The speakers will discuss the DAO.VC team, marketing, and share the latest news of the project.

The founder and CEO of DAO.VC Georgy Galoyan says:

“We will summarize the interim results of the project, answer the questions of our users and, most importantly, hold a raffle of 10 prizes worth $5,000.”

Participants of the AMA session will be able to win 10 prizes in a lottery and there will be a contest for the best question.

To take part in a private AMA session and a lottery, you must:

  • Click on the link and fill out the registration form;
  • Ask a question for participation in the AMA session;
  • Get detailed instructions for participating in the AMA session, which will be sent by email!

Prize: 100% deposit bonus.

The number of possible winners: 9 people.

In order to take part in the contest for the best question, you must:

Prize: $5000 in DAOvc tokens.

The number of possible winners: 10 people.

Once checking that all the conditions are met, our employees will contact you and award bonus tokens.

Registration for the AMA is open until August 26th at 00: 00 (UTC+3).