Dash Expands Its Presence, Officially Approved by Apple

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Dash Expands Its Presence, Officially Approved by Apple
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Apple reversed its decision to deny access to the App Store for apps integrating Dash, and now the currency can be successfully used in any relevant app in the App Store.

Dash, the 6th largest digital currency by total market cap (valued at around $1.4 billion USD at press time), has officially been approved for use on the App Store.

Apple formally reversed its decision last year to deny access to the App Store for apps integrating Dash, doing so as the result of a comprehensive appeal made by the Dash team. This means that the currency now can be integrated and successfully used in any relevant app, including multi-blockchain wallets and Dash’s own official wallet,  in the App Store.

The CEO of Dash Core, Ryan Taylor, highlighted that it is critical for Dash users to have access to their funds on a variety of platforms, especially mobile devices, and that the fact that Apple recognizes the increased demand and importance of Dash speaks to the progress made in reaching more users.

“Apple is in a difficult position. Ultimately, they are attempting to look out for user safety by preventing less reputable projects from accessing the Apple Store ecosystem. In the past, a number of unaudited and unofficial Dash wallets have slipped through the review process, leaving users questioning the safety of those options. Now that Dash is an Apple-approved digital currency, we are able to offer our users an officially endorsed wallet option. Our users can confidently use Dash wallets that are maintained, officially supported, and known to be safe. Apple has shown a willingness to allow worthy digital currencies into their platform, but that requires an incredible amount of due diligence on their part. We’re pleased that they determined Dash was worth the substantial effort to evaluate, and we’re obviously pleased with the outcome,” – added Taylor.

FYI, over the past year, developers and blockchain companies have submitted several Dash-integrated wallets to the App Store, the overwhelming majority of which were rejected. Despite the difficulty in knowing the exact figures, Apple has approved approximately ten digital currencies for use on the App Store, including Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Steem, Litecoin, and Ripple.

It’s likely that Apple has started to accept digital currencies more freely because of the fact, that a growing segment of its customers now see digital currencies as a viable e-commerce payments option, particularly paying attention to the growth of the entire digital currency industry, which has skyrocketed from $18 billion USD on January 1 2017, to around $82 billion USD today.

A compelling 6-page report on the continued growth and innovation of Dash made Apple’s approval possible, said Tailor:

“We believe that Dash is already a far superior digital currency compared with other options, and with our landmark Evolution release rolling out in stages over the next year, our user experience will be even more differentiated going forward. Additionally, we want to meet our users’ demands, and support on Apple products ranks at the top of the list of our user wishes. In short, our users’ priorities are our priorities. We couldn’t be more pleased that Apple has decided Dash is worthy of being one of the few approved digital currencies on their platform. There is a lot of overlap in our user bases, as both entities focus on optimizing the end-user experience and making our respective products a pleasure to use”.

Additionally, according to Dash team, they are planning to make larger investments into their iOS app in order to add additional features and enhancements in the short term. At the same time, they state,  the initial version will include support for sending InstantSend payments.

An official iOS-compatible Dash wallet, built by the Dash Core Team, is now ready for download on the App Store.

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