DataBroker DAO Has Its Token Listed on Tokenjar and Welcomes 3 New Alliance Members on Board

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DataBroker DAO Has Its Token Listed on Tokenjar and Welcomes 3 New Alliance Members on Board
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After a successful token sale, DataBroker DAO is proud to list its native DTX token on Tokenjar and welcomes three new alliance members on board.

It would be something of an understatement to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic in tech news in recent years. This is unsurprising, as IoT technology is considered to be a major part of Industry 4.0 – the current trend of automation and information exchange in manufacturing technologies, often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

DataBroker DAO, a self-described ‘Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data marketplace based in Belgium and Dubai, has recently successfully completed its token sale and announced its big plans for the future. IoT is underpinned by blockchain, another emerging technology, and DataBroker DAO is attracting the attention of governments and global industries with an aim to combine the two spheres.

According to publicity material, DataBroker DAO is ‘the first marketplace to sell and buy sensor data.’ DataBroker DAO’s decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace will enable sensor owners to monetize the data they have generated, potentially opening up a wealth of opportunities for a variety of industries. The company believes data will increase in effectiveness and, presumably, value.

DataBroker DAO recently closed its token sale for its native DTX token, as announced in Dubai last week. This was followed by DTX being listed on CoinMarketCap and featuring briefly on major cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitforex and CoinFalcon. In addition, DTX tokens can now be traded on Tokenjar, a decentralized exchange which offers free, direct transactions with no deposit and no need for registration, between any two wallets. DTX tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

In order to fully highlight the benefits and potential of the DataBroker DAO platform, the developers are analyzing use cases, testimonials and examples of the platform at work, and its role in increasing efficiency and transforming businesses. In addition, the company is trying to widen the appeal of the platform to a range of markets.

There are currently around 25 organizations ready to team up with DataBroker DAO and join its alliance of companies, with the focus being on sensor data owners and buyers, presently. The company is taking a step-by-step approach by taking on one alliance member at a time, so as to effectively meet the individual needs of each new member.

As announced in Dubai, DataBroker DAO is welcoming on board three new alliance members, with a view of strengthening the company’s hand in the areas of security, crowd-sensing, project management and consulting.

The first new alliance member, Rivetz is a producer of embedded, blockchain-based mobile security solutions, with a focus on security for transactions and digital assets. The second, SenLab, is a cutting-edge mobile enterprise solution company. SenLab is the creator of an award-winning IoT dashboard for smartphones and other technologies, and has expertise in the field of crowd-sensing. The last addition to the alliance is Eurocon, project management and consulting experts with a wide range of expertise in technology and business. Eurocon have been running an IoT community event since 2011.

The Internet of things is emerging in parallel with blockchain technology. Such companies as DataBroker DAO seek to capitalize on the generation and sale of sensor data via the deployment of technology. It remains to be seen whether DataBroker’s innovative and ambitious project lives up to expectations, but if it does, the company could be in an enviable position in the future.

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