DECE Chain: The Blockchain Revolution after 5G Internet

Place/Date: - December 2nd, 2021 at 1:05 pm UTC · 3 min read
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DECE Chain: The Blockchain Revolution after 5G Internet
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DECE Chain is the next-generation blockchain main network platform that individuals or companies can use to easily establish DApp.

Just like the internet changed society form the 20th century, blockchain technology is poised to transform the lifestyle of our generation as well. Meta(previously known as Facebook), Apple, and IBM, all those giants have seen the big potential in the industry and have participated already.

Nevertheless, the Crypto world has a long way to go. The vast majority are still unfamiliar with Blockchain, Many still consider the blockchain technology as ‘Bitcoin’ or speculative gambling, instead of a technology that can change the world in the extent of business entities’ and government’s operation form.

Aiming to bridge the gap between the vast majority and the blockchain industry, DECE Chain presents a solution to spread blockchain technology just like the Internet. First, DECE designed blockchain to fully secure all assets and transactions using NFT-specific algorithms, as well as leveraging smart contracts. Second, DECE presents protocols that quickly connect technology producers such as businesses and consumers. Third, DECE proposed a way to maintain the retention rate of Cryptocurrency tokens and associated physical assets and legal tenders to ensure the stability of the ‘question’ system and the exchange rate.

There are 4 types of tokens in the DECE Ecosystem:

  • Equity Token: This provides the holder with the opportunity to increase the pure holding coin value through the Buy-Back and Incineration method for some of the revenue generated from the ecosystem.
  • Governance Token: DGC, or the DECE Governance Coin, is a Governance Token used by organizations that can make decisions on behalf of all stakeholders to achieve a common goal, and the only way to acquire t his is through DECE.
  • Stable Coin: DKRW, or DECE Stable Coin, is a Stable Coin that can be exchanged at all times. It is issued by a third-party trust company in Korea and maintains a 1:1 ratio with the won.
  • D-Point: D-point is a point either utilized by DECE or used as a fee issued by an association or agency. D-Point is reflected in the payment or installation of fees according to the functions applied to each platform without utilizing a particular Blockchain.

DECE Chain realized that the successful Blockchain application requires the essential points like the ability to enable multiple users, free to use, sequential data processing capacity, and parallel processing function. Therefore has designed DECE Platform.

DECE Chain: The Blockchain Revolution after 5G Internet

The key positioning of the platform is Digital Asset customization and settlement, and digital ecosystem management due to the introduction of Governance concepts are established through Stable Coin and Value Loadable Digital Asset that are applied to valuation based on Blockchain technology. Core tasks include providing customization and settlement services for asset digital tokenization, issuing Stable Coin equipped with liquidity and payment function, Operation an efficient and effective ecosystem with Governance coin, and Delivering real value Digital Asset channels, and earning excess revenue.

Key Benefits for All Customers

  1. The volatility of the Stable Coin introduced is small and has the length characteristics of accounts that are frequently used by the public.
  2. The properties granted to other asset types of Digital Assets help facilitate distribution in the trusted network.
  3. Investment and loan activities were efficiently transferred to the Blockchain network.
  4. This provided a low-cost, transparent, and programmable platform for customers who want customized investments

DECE Chain is devoted to platform construction as well as community building intensively.

To learn more about DECE Chain: Twitter, Telegram.