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Decentraland to Launch Desktop Client in 2024, Eyes Expansion

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Decentraland to Launch Desktop Client in 2024, Eyes Expansion
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Decentraland’s priority strategy for 2024 is to float a new powerful Desktop Client.

Decentraland, a game-like social media platform, is set to take its users by surprise in 2024. This follows after it announced its forward plans for the new year in a Monday blog post.

According to the announcement, Decentraland’s priority strategy for 2024 is to float a new, powerful Desktop Client. By developing this product, the firm hopes that it will lay the groundwork for future VR and mobile versions. Its statement reads partly:

“A key component of the platform’s future foundation, a new Client is crucial to fulfilling the vision of a performant and immersive virtual social world.”

Decentraland Keen on Expansion in 2024

From the recently released 2024 manifesto, which is tagged “Forging Foundations for the Future”,  it can be deduced that the platform is keen on expanding its reach. To this end, it has revealed its intent to focus on removing every form of barrier to joining the platform. That is why it revealed that the Desktop Client, which is currently under development, will be future-proof. This means that creators may use the tool on alternative platforms like mobiles or Virtual Reality (VR).

The firm also shared that Decentraland will be so easily accessible to the point that users may register on the platform with just their standard social media profiles. That is, they do not have to be knowledgeable about crypto or even know anything about creating digital wallets. Everything is handled behind the scenes, the firm claims.

Interestingly, Decentraland admits that its work will not be done after onboarding new users. The firm revealed further that it plans to sustain the stay of these users by guiding them to fun and engaging content. To achieve this, it says it will invest in products such as gamified experiences and events that will keep them coming back to the platform.

Finally, Decentraland noted the importance of growing its community, which it likens to the soul of the project. According to the firm, the project can only be successful if its soul is well nurtured. So, to achieve this, it aims to organize community meetings throughout the year, and in addition, it will also seek to take part in key industry conferences, all in a bid to bring the spotlight on Decentraland and help it gain the recognition it so much desires.

MANA Token Surges Nearly 3%

Meanwhile, the native token of Decentraland (MANA) has reacted positively to the latest report. It is up 2.72% in the past 24 hours and was seen trading at $0.4600, per Coinspeaker data.

Last year, Decentraland focused on creators, releasing 68 new features and products to enhance their creativity.

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