Why Decentralized Advertising Is Always Better for Advertisers and Users

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Why Decentralized Advertising Is Always Better for Advertisers and Users
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Blockchain technology offers a win-win situation in advertisement sphere. No middleman is needed: advertisers get direct feedback and the users – money and recommendations about the products.

Advertising has been around for as long as the human culture itself existed when you really think about it. Whenever you had something that you did not need, you would try to convince someone else that they need it enough to give you something for it. Of course, the methods of doing so evolved a bit over the years, and these days, we have giant billboards and internet ads.

In fact, the invention of the internet truly revolutionized advertising, as suddenly, advertisers were able to collect user data and know exactly what the users were after. They then approached major platforms like social media websites and managed to work out partnerships where they would present these ads to the platforms’ users.

However, this approach is rather flawed, which is something that was discovered too late to stop the new way of advertising from becoming the biggest one. It is flawed because both, the companies that came up with the product, as well as their targeted users, are losing, while these intermediaries are the only real winners.

The companies lose huge amounts of money to pay for ads, while users lose their personal data, and platforms that serve as middlemen are the only real victors. They collect your data and sell it, and then require money in order to display ads.

A change is needed, and this has been an issue for years, now. However, we now finally have it, thanks to the invention and development of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Advertising as a Game-Changer

Blockchain technology offers to forever change this approach and make it better once again simply by cutting out the middle-man. There are entire projects out there, developing platforms dedicated specifically for connecting advertisers and customers directly.

Customers can choose to watch ads, and receive rewards in exchange for doing so. Meanwhile, advertisers are much better off offering an incentive to clients willing to watch their ads, than to pay to social media platforms and other websites.

It’s a win-win situation, where advertisers get direct feedback, and users get money, as well as recommendations of excellent new products that they might be interested in.

As mentioned, several projects are already in the middle of doing this, such as Brave browser — a privacy-oriented browser that uses its native cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward users for watching ads.

At the same time, the browser blocks all other ads, trackers, and alike, thus allowing users to only watch ads when they wish to do it, and browse undisturbed during any other time.

Another top-notch project that does a similar thing is YOUEngine. This is a fully-transparent advertising platform that is completely decentralized, and it revolves around you. It allows 200 million advertisers from all corners of the world to connect with 4 billion internet users, all of whom can get paid to watch ads online. This is a new trend that is already changing the world, and it will become the norm very quickly. Advanced technology that is actually good never takes too long, and the only reason why it has not gone viral yet is that social media platforms are fighting it, trying to remain in charge.

However, with YOUEngine, this is bound to change, as it allows brands and businesses alike to simply open an account and use YOUcash tokens to fund it, and power it. After that, they can target users anywhere in the world, depending on where they wish to sell their product. They can be as specific as they wish, targeting 10 people on the same street, an entire city, region, country, continent, or even the entire world.

The project is also holding its token sale right now, which will end on September 14th, so anyone interested has it until then to purchase its tokens.

Another way to make money via blockchain technology is to participate in selected quality bounties on bounty trackers such as Tokpie. This is a bounty-tracking site that is rather unique, as there are no similar solutions out there as of yet. You can simply use top-quality bounties and sell steaks without having to wait for months. YOUEngine is one of the excellent examples of a good bounty that is already listed on tokpie.io, so you can use the project to earn in that way, too.


Blockchain technology is truly revolutionary tech that is already changing the world, and in a few short years, it will transform it completely. Anything from ways of tracking data, proving ownership, advertising, providing identification, storing medical records, and much, much more is possible because of it.

Advertising is only among the best-suited industries to immediately start using this tech, and the quicker you yourself adopt it, the bigger the edge you will get against your competitors. It is definitely worth considering, especially now, when the world is changing at these rapid speeds.

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