Decentralized Exchange Launches to Applause With 10K Users

June 20th, 2018 at 6:05 am UTC · 4 min read

May 6, 2018 –, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, launched today after completing a successful two-week trial period. The platform set its bar high, performing over 1,400 ETH in 24 hour trade volumes  and signing around 10,000 new users. On the same day, it also announced three new collaborations that will see it offer mobile app trading.

The development team is now working hard to make the platform one of the fastest and most streamlined in the crypto trading industry. It’s focusing in particular on improving batch sizes, increasing transaction speed and optimizing the supervision alarm mechanism. represents a new generation of crypto trading platforms. Like no other major exchange in the industry, it utilizes smart contracts to decentralize the trading process while also making it transparent. With no central wallets to hack or exchange mechanisms to fail, users retain control over their balances and can enjoy a suite of useful analytical tools.

Other improvements to be implemented ASAP include email notifications for new token listings and withdrawal confirmations.

Ethereum and contract-based promises to be the premier trading base for ERC-20 tokens that make up the vast majority of ICOs. It will list projects that present solid technology backgrounds and real application scenarios – and of course, those with the most promising investment potential.

Those projects come from all over the world, including Switzerland, Singapore, Korea and many more. has an elite analysis team that will engage in rigorous review of each project’s code to root out any security vulnerabilities and propose solutions. The company will also promote the projects it lists, assisting in investor roadshows that also serve to increase both the public’s and’s own understanding of what each one does.

There will also be rewards and promotions to encourage users to trade newly-listed tokens. For a sample of some available at launch, see below.

Mobile App Partnerships

Wallet provider iBitcome will also partner with to develop a native mobile trading app. The partnership promises to find new ways to utilize cross-chain technology to introduce even more trading pairs and provide a rich one-stop experience to access the exchange.

As well as iBitcome, also plans work with imToken and Trust wallets.

Sample of Token Listings at Launch

Here’s a selection of tokens available for trading on right now, representing a novel range of blockchain sectors:

PolicyPay Network

PolicyPay Network aims to give traders extra peace of mind with insurance to protect their digital asset portfolio. Itself a decentralized insurance protocol, Singapore-registered PolicyPay also works with 16 established global insurance firms to supply a product called “CryptoProtect”. It has proved its worthiness as the first startup to graduate from the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s financial technology sandbox, earning the right to serve customers in the wider world. Its testnet will launch soon.


Moving onto the healthcare sector: MediBloc is an open-source and blockchain-based patient data repository that secures users’ medical history by tracking any changes over a lifetime. It also draws its data from numerous industry sources and even smartphones. MediBloc is currently performing an “airdrop mapping” of its Qtum tokens to the ERC-20 standard.


HPB, or “high-performance blockchain” is a blockchain architecture that combines both hardware and software and also includes a chip accelerator engine. Its team is currently busy working on the main-net a mechanism to easily introduce new nodes to the network. All services and products are set to release soon.

Incentive Rewards and Prizes for Traders is offering attractive incentive rewards based on these listed tokens to sign up new users and get them trading. It will award 100 of its native PAL token to any user who deposits any token, for a limited time. There are also competition prizes of 350,000 PAL, 600,000 MEDX, and a MacBook computer to be won.

To find out more, visit the website. You can also track project updates via its Medium blog, official Telegram feed and Twitter account.