Decentralized Service Marketplace Opporty Wants to Change Small and Medium Businesses

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Decentralized Service Marketplace Opporty Wants to Change Small and Medium Businesses
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Opporty wants to build the first lead generation platform that supports small and medium-businesses in their struggle to overcome major challenges.

Opporty company is the developer of a lead generation platform for small and medium-sized businesses who lack exposure and customers. With Opporty, the world will see the first lead generation platform that supports small businesses in their struggle to overcome major challenges.

Opporty provides a way for businesses with innovative ideas to mitigate threats of low profitability due to the lack of customers. Companies often report that they have established services with a well-developed business model, but they cannot earn money as it doesn’t attract enough users. The most profitable niches are occupied by established organizations small companies can’t compete with.

Opporty’s mission is to provide a new fair environment for such businesses. It offers solutions which will help to access new customers and to sell services in a convenient way.

Opporty – A Service-Oriented Marketplace

For this purpose Opporty has created a service-oriented lead generation platform with an affordable subscription and the ability to purchase offers and requests.

Additionally, the platform features smart contracts which help businesses avoid lawsuits and common misconducts which hinder the development of any emerging company.

These two core features are essential for the stable development of new market entrants. Let’s delve into each feature to learn how they can save new companies from imminent failure.

Free Requests and Offers

Existing solutions for finding new prospects are effective enough, and they are commonly used. However, their main shortcoming is that they are not designed for smaller businesses, who cannot afford their services due to their costs for attracting a customers.

Lead generation platforms initiate an auction for each lead that can potentially generate considerable money. However, single contractors are usually out-bid by larger companies, and they fail to attract new customers.

Opporty offers an innovative way for small businesses to get leads. It provides a limited amount of complimentary offers and requests to its users, giving them the opportunity to expand their reach and attract new audiences. Additional leads can be attained by purchasing Opporty services or through participation in Opporty’s gamification events.


Sharing content, answering users’ questions, and participating in the knowledge-sharing platform allows businesses to get additional offers and responses for free.

Companies can promote their services by sharing content with their links. At the same time, Opporty promotes its site so that the registered users will have a stable and steady flow of new customers who are interested in their services.

Users can send an offer to a company or to an individual requesting services. Moreover, consumers of services are given easy access to contractors who can complete their tasks.

Blockchain as a Security and Development Tool

Opporty plans to initiate Ethereum blockchain-powered smart contracts, designed to provide a solid base for agreements. Neither contractors nor customers can dispute the conditions of an agreement, because smart contracts contain the agreement conditions in program code, and only step-by-step execution of the agreement with confirmation of all conditions being met will lead to payment for a contractor.

If a customer disputes the contract, Escrow judges review it to identify conditions which were not met. Only Escrow Judges have the power to confirm or reject claims of both parties. Opporty itself does not interfere in the review process, but relies on community experts chosen by users to take part in the described process.

During the initial stage of Opporty development, Escrow judges are chosen by the Opporty administration. However, once a niche community is establishedall new judges will be chosen exclusively by the community.

This will protect businesses from lawsuits and litigation, which can appear to be really harmful. What is more, smart contracts assist in creating industry-wide standards.

Following these standards, newcomers can render services with the same level of quality as established companies. Opporty provides fair conditions for competition and the coexistence of large and small businesses in the marketplace.

Oppoty’s Initial Coin Offering

Oppory is preparing its ICO, aimed at fundraising to advance the platform to full functionality. The startup issues OPP tokens backed by Etherium blockchain technology, which provides a secure digital ledger that tracks financial interactions across the Internet. Opporty has registered the OPP token, which is an ERC-20 currency, and OPP is registered on the main ICO tracking platforms.

They have already conducted their closed whitelisted presale, which ended March 10, 2018. Our public token sale will launch in the spring of 2018, the precise date to be announced soon.

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