Decentralized Social Media Platform Tipper Monetizes Content Shared

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Decentralized Social Media Platform Tipper Monetizes Content Shared
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Social media platform Tipper creates the first of its kind Content Marketplace, where all users can invest into and earn from each other’s content via specifically designed Tipper blockchain protocol.

The Tipper platform takes on social media, providing a more rewarding platform than one based on receiving likes. With Tipper all users of the platform, not just content creators, can earn. The platform hopes to monetize human energy, creativity, and ingenuity that goes into everyday social media by allowing users to tip content that they enjoy viewing. Tipper describes this untapped industry as the ‘social economy’, where posts can achieve anything from paying for coffee, too making someone a millionaire.

Canada based company Tipper is a patronage ‘econosystem’ that has the potential to pay all users through incentivized tipping. As well as standard users monetizing social media posts through tips and ad revenue, users have the opportunity to participate in content investment. This feature frees advertisers from fake views, and targets users directly with “branded tips”, while also releasing content creators from the fear of random demonetization.

The Tipper ‘ecosystem’ provides every participant of the social media platform the opportunity to monetize their content through its four foundational pillars: Two-way Incentivized Tipping; Content Investing; Momentization and Branded Tips.

Incentivized tipping is a superior option for expressing appreciation for content then merely likes, votes and views that all carry the same weight. It allows the user to convey exactly how much they enjoyed the social media content, as well as give real-world benefits for those, whose posts they enjoy. For individuals, who find their posts going viral, there is no limit for how much money can be earned on a single post. The more a user stimulates the social economy by tipping, the more opportunities they gain to earn.

Tipper: The First Content Marketplace

Tipper’s goal is to be the world’s first successful Content Marketplace with the epoch-making feature of Content Investing, where all users can invest and earn from each other’s content. Branded tips free advertisers from the struggle of fake views and view fraud that haunt standard social media, empowering advertisers to spend money more freely.

The pillar of momentization is established to assist in monetizing big occasions, creating financial rewards that correlate with the number of people sharing the moment with them. Social media is full of posts that allow people to share in moments and celebrate collectively, such as a wedding or that game-winning goal. Tipper enables the creators of those moments to monetize that content through the people celebrating with them via tips.

The Blockchain Technology Behind It

To facilitate these payments, the technology used must be applicable for micropayments. Current blockchain protocol, including both Bitcoin and Ethereum, is not scalable to the real-world commerce needs of Tipper, as both operate at less than 10 transactions/s. A much faster blockchain performance in necessary to facilitate the micropayment on the platform. This will be even more imperative for the next level of applications that specialize in decentralized video, micropayments and tipping that require and intirely new high-performance blockchain protocol.

The Tipper blockchain protocol appears to provide a solution to these problems. The platform’s technological innovation enables true micropayments, abating the opportunity of mass scalability while creating the first true blockchain currency of commerce.

The Tipper blockchain protocol features include:

  • 250,000+ Microtransactions/s (For YouTube-scale video (data) decentralization)
  • 50,000+ Transactions/s (For Tipping (payments) on the blockchain)
  • Transaction Level Mining (Breaking the mining pools)
  • Multi-chain Mining (Scalability)
  • Host Mining
  • Quality of Service
  • Privacy

This innovation provides the technological engine of the Tipper platform. The two-way peer-to-peer support platform incentivises users to monetise and profit in a new way from sharing their social media experience.

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