Twitter Backed Bluesky Appoints Crypto Developer as Head

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Twitter Backed Bluesky Appoints Crypto Developer as Head
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Bluesky, the decentralized social media initiative fronted by American tech giant Twitter has appointed Jay Graber as the head of the protocol.

According to TechCrunch, Graber has been playing an insider role in the new entity which is wholly funded by Twitter and managed by the firm’s employees.

Part of Graber’s early tasks included the creation of a technical review of the decentralized social ecosystem for a working group of developers in the space. Graber’s previous experience dates back to the ZCash (ZEC) cryptocurrency project in which she worked as part of the core developers for the privacy focused digital currency. She also floated a firm of her own, Happening, a decentralized social network startup that was targeted at challenging the dominance of Facebook Events in the event booking world.

As announced by Graber on her Twitter page, her initial priorities will be to hire a team to kickstart the Bluesky initiative.

According to TechCrunch, some of these role will include a protocol developer and web developer.

The Decentralized Social Media Initiative

The advent of the world wide web ushered in a whole new possibility for digital innovations. The emergence of pioneering social media outfits like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) re-engineered social interactions in a way that brought the world together as one big global village.

The original design of the internet is to decentralize information and data ownership, albeit, the tech innovation has fronted the emergence of organizations that largely controls web traffic. Decentralized is out of the window and today, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram amongst others dominate the social media scene, and this firms determines the content allowed on their platforms.

While this model has worked a great deal, the growth in the popularity of blockchain technology and its use case in developing Web3 has brought to fore the need to redesign the social media space back to model the internet’s original intentions. It is on this backdrop that the Bluesky initiative was announced about 2 years ago by twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey.

How Twitter will Push the Growth of Bluesky

A major hurdle that Graber experienced with the launch of Happening was in finding the right users to bootstrap the new platform. The Bluesky initiative is poised to overcome this challenge drawing on the large userbase from the Twitter ecosystem.

“The really powerful thing about Twitter doing a decentralized protocol move is that if you could design a protocol that works in an ideal way, you don’t have to go through the initial effort of finding the niche to bootstrap from because Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) will bring so many users,” Graber told TechCrunch in an interview.

The primary goal of the Bluesky initiative is to onboard Twitter and other social media platforms as clients. This goal has been noted by Jack Dorsey as “complex and unprecedented,” with expectations for it to take years to build.

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