DeenAiR – Set to Compete with Top Blockchain Platforms in Crypto Space

October 1st, 2022 at 10:22 am UTC · 2 min read

DeenAiR - Set to Compete with Top Blockchain Platforms in Crypto Space

DeenAiR is a blockchain platform designed to provide easy accessibility of technology to the niche of users. This objective is envisioned to be accomplished through various technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as a user-friendly SDK and GUI.

Presently in the blockchain industry, malicious activities and transactions over a network are ascertained via feeding the system with the records of the previous or possible scenarios of attacks. Alternatively, employ the integrated advantage of AI and ML, as opted by the DeenAiR.

The unification of AI & ML will make the system self-assessing, adaptive, and reactive to even a minute shift or change in the network operation. Decentralization and individual node adoption are cornerstones of the consensus logic.

DeenAiR states:

“The model is completely autonomous and continuously adapts, reacting to any changes in the network. Therefore, there is no need to change the code of the network nodes, the system is constantly retraining itself in a distributed manner.”

Enhancing Accessibility Via In-Chain Utilities

Inclusion of In-chain NFT, fungible and semi-fungible tokens along with In-chain auctions in DeenAiR, reduces the dependency on technical knowledge. The environment and infrastructure of the blockchain are user-friendly to all niche users like programmers, pros, and newbies in the field.

Complexity of NFT creation and trading is high while it requires qualified developers in other blockchains. Whereas DeenAiR engages with L1 blockchain making the process smooth for the users. The phases in the process are similar to generic transactions with minor modifications, ownership information and rights are proofread through elliptical curve technology and a reliable algorithm.

In-chain auction steps and codes are transparent and replicated in the blockchain. It’s further verified by the nodes in the network to reduce illegitimate acts. The initial limitation during the auction’s development is a prohibition on another token usage for sales.

DeenWallet, a native wallet for DeenAiR is designed to be compatible with every OS and mobile platform, with 90% relevance on the SDK. The testing phase is in full swing and is expected to hit the market very soon.

About DeenAiR

DeenAiR is a prominent tech firm with vast expertise in Infosecurity (InfoSec), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR). The mission of DeenAiR is to create an efficient & stable infrastructure that unifies the prime features of NFTs, AI, and AR into the blockchain ecosystem.

DeenAiR links: TwitterTelegramGithubGitlabWhitepaper.


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