Crypto Business Platform Taklimakan Network to Launch Crowdsale

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Crypto Business Platform Taklimakan Network to Launch Crowdsale

The Taklimakan Network launches pre-ICO for the platform including (but not limited to) internal payment systems, expert rating assignment, commenting and searching features.

The Taklimakan Network business platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain investments has confirmed the launch of its public crowdsale campaign, kicking off with a pre-sale on December 12th, 2017. The crowdsale aims to raise funds for a full-feature, blockchain-based investment platform that bridges the growing communities of budding cryptocurrency enthusiasts and established experts, synergizing the values.

Once fully available, the platform will feature in-app private messaging, internal payment systems, expert rating assignment, as well as commenting and searching for all participants of the cryptocurrency market: from traders and investors to managers and analysts.

Amateurs and professionals alike can benefit from the wide selection of business resources, such as settings for trust management, distributing trading signals via email lists, and subscriptions to analytical reviews.

The Taklimakan Network envisions a marketplace and resource network that allows traders and investors to utilize the vast amount of knowledge available to craft successful trading strategies. Deriving from the mean value of data collection on the collective responses of all participants, the platform can form forecasts of exchange rate behavior and other analyses.

Veteran cryptocurrency experts are also able to prepare their own analytical reviews, based on technical analyses of the digital asset markets, compiling them into periodicals and blockchain project reports, which can then be delivered to platform users. Users have the freedom to pick and choose from these reviews and reports, deciding which are the most potentially profitable investments.

Furthermore, experienced portfolio managers can create and share their own investment and cryptocurrency portfolios. Depending on user recommendations and voting ratings, the best performing ones will be selected for featuring on the Taklimakan platform. This will create a system of trust management that any user can contribute to in order to increase capital.

Additionally, all users of the Taklimakan Network will gain access to a vast collection of open source books, articles and industry references to promote better understanding of blockchain technology among beginners and to hone the proficiency of seasoned traders and investors.

Managing partner and co-founder of Taklimakan Network Rashid Yussup expressed the excitement of the team to introduce this state-of-the-art solution into the cryptocurrency market:

“By launching such trading and educational tool we are creating a strong connecting resource for beginners and experts in a way that both of them feel beneficial about the partnership.”

The Taklimakan Network Token Sale

To raise the necessary funds for the development of its product, the Taklimakan Network public crowdsale campaign will begin with a pre-sale to be launched on December 12th, 2017 at 10.00 UTC. 100 million erc20 Taklimakan Tokens (TKLN) will be available in the pre-sale. All participants of this event stand to benefit from a 50% discount on the base price of 1 ETH per 30,000 TKLN.

In addition, several reward structures have been prepared to further recognize early participants and backers with significant contributions.

The first is a 10-tier bonus structure, in which contributions will receive a percentage of bonus tokens, depending on the amount of ETH contributed. At Tier 1, a minimum contribution of 3 ETH will earn a 1% bonus, while at Tier 10, a contribution of 1,000 ETH or more will result in a 10% bonus.

All participants contributing at least 10 ETH, or who take part in both the pre-sale and general sale, will be automatically entered into a lottery for a total prize pool of 1 million TKLN. The lottery drawing will take place after the general sale concludes. As the random number generator of the Ethereum Virtual Machine has limitations, winners will be picked using off-chain mechanisms.

To learn more about Taklimakan Network, visit the website or read the whitepaper.

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