Why DeFi Is Future of Exchanges and Trading

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by Godfrey Benjamin · 3 min read
Why DeFi Is Future of Exchanges and Trading
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Marsbase supports 4 different types of OTC trades and with the help of the MBASE native token, OTC trading on the platform can turn out to be very profitable.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is presented as one of the most important innovations associated with blockchain technology and the crypto world, and Marsbase comes off as one of the unique platforms promoting the uniqueness of this offshoot. DeFi seeks to change a number of things in the world of finance including the trading of digital currencies alike.

While there are numerous Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges that cater to the needs of many people today, a number of flaws still exist. One of the challenges associated is that both mainstream centralized exchanges and their decentralized counterparts have the liquidity to support only a very limited range of coins, thus shutting out investors from the majority of the 19,000 coins and tokens around today.

The flaws inherent with the investing models in the crypto space also involve vested tokens. Vesting means the gradual release of a new digital currency that one invested in over a period of time. Within the stipulated time the coin is bound to be released, its price might have been highly subjected to periods of massive price fluctuations. The inability to sell off or take advantage of bullish price eras is a major impediment when it comes to deals of this nature.

To solve these, Marsbase was created. As a primarily well-designed trading platform, Marsbase is governed by a set of smart contracts and serves as the go-to OTC desk for thousands of digital coins not served by existing trading platforms.

How Marsbase is Rebranding DeFi Trading

Trading in the DeFi world comes in different formats and each trading model is designed to ease economic or financial transactions across the board. Marsbase aims to rebrand DeFi trading by bringing a safe, secure, and trusted liquidity to more than 1,500 projects today.

Unlike the typical OTC Desks around today, Marsbase is suitable for both retail and institutional investors, and as such, has significantly lowered the barriers of entry for all traders alike. Marsbase supports 4 different types of OTC trades and with the help of the MBASE native token, OTC trading on the platform can turn out to be very profitable.

The design of Marsbase offers a lot of flexibility for the user as they can place a trade with a lot of customized conditions including the ability to set their own discount or premium conditions, closing deadline, stop orders, etc. Offermakers receive bids from other users and, by the way, the minimum bid size can also be specified. Using all of these tools will make deals attractive to both sellers and buyers.

The Marsbase ecosystem is also designing a capability through which holders of vested tokens can sell them to other investors who will be able to weather all storms in the market.

A New Kid in the Bloc

Marsbase is new but is driving home a very specific use case in the DeFi world. With its smart contracts governed OTC desk, everyone in the industry can finally get to trade their preferred token in a simple and profitable way.

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