DeskBell Chain: How to Store Your DBT tokens

March 29th, 2018 at 10:00 am UTC · 4 min read

According to observations, DeskBell Chain is blockchain project within the service for DeskBell hotel business. It is an interesting project that attracts both experienced and novice cryptocurrency market participants.

The last trying to be fully in the field of crypto currencies, they read information on the special sites, subscribe to YouTube and Telegram blockchain channels, join crypto currency traders’ chats and closely monitor the ups and downs of the coins. However, during acquaintance with DeskBell Chain they can have quite logical questions: how to buy DBT tokens, and how and where to store them?

DeskBell is a new service, which has been confidently implementing in the hotel business around the world and can well become a reliable assistant for both the tourist and the personnel. The application contains full information about the hotel services (schedule, menu or list of services, prices, location, etc.), which will make vacation of the guests comfortable, and the work of the staff more calm and efficient.

Within the service, developers launched the project of the blockchain platform – DeskBell Chain, which offers a new model of interaction between business and clients in the tourist sphere. Hotels, local institutions, local business and the whole region will be united in a mutual exchange of services, offers and announcements of events. Hotel guests, in their turn, will be able not only use the offered complex of services with pleasure, but also become participants of various events.

Thus, instead of the usual mechanisms of marketing programs there are the participation of all sides and the socialization of the service, which leads to a reduction in costs for the advertising campaign, an increase of the average check, a flexible system of offers to different groups of guests, etc.

The unified internal currency of this service will be DeskBell Token (DBT) – a token based on Ethereum. It will be used to pay for DeskBell services, and will also become a reward for users actively participating in the life of the DeskBell ecosystem and filling the service.

Initially, only a limited number of tokens will be released into circulation, without the possibility of additional emission. Additional release of tokens is expected only after the fund raising: they will cover bonuses of early buyers and bounty campaigns. During the ICO, the emission will occur gradually, in parallel to the token sale.

Transfer processes and storage principles of the tokens resemble cryptocurrencies: both here and there special wallet applications are used that store and process keys, and also generate and sign transactions. Typically, such applications are included in the infrastructure of the tokenization platform.

Client’s personal Ethereum wallet will represent the internal account for DeskBell customers. They can open it either in DeskBell, or on their own specialized resources (in this case, the wallet must be registered in the service). Among the most popular and convenient wallets MyEtherWallet service is often allocated. According to the developers, this wallet is not an online Ethereum store, it is only a service that helps to access coins stored in computer memory via browser. The funds are not transferred to the storage of a third-party resource, all the access keys are kept only in the wallet, and therefore the user’s risk is minimal.

In DeskBell service, you can supplement your internal account through participating in programs, as well as purchasing tokens in public sources, for example, from other holders of DBT. If the customer has registered in the service and passed the verification, then he will be allowed to replenish the internal account directly with fiat means through DeskBell.

It is important to note that in the future, to support the liquidity of the token, developers are planning to create a reserve fund for DBT, ETH and fiat funds. Due to this, they will give priority to the token holders in their customers implementation of the service.

In general, the DBT’s turnover and storage scheme is fairly transparent and reliable. And it is not important where your personal wallet will be opened – in DeskBell itself or in any profile resource – the level of safety of your currency will be equally high.