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Dig Up The Latest Information on Token Sales using IcoGuide: An Innovative, Transparent Rating Platform Designed with Everyone in Mind

March 13th, 2018 at 9:20 am UTC · 4 min read

There are hundreds of token generation events (TGE) to invest in but the average person simply does not have enough time to figure out where to put their money. Have no fear, as IcoGuide is willing to put in the work, operating a ratings platform that breaks down the sales into digestible snippets of information.

Check out all the latest TGEs which are analysed by experts to make sure nobody falls victim to shady projects. Using a transparent and fair ratings system, the platform shares all information necessary to make informed decisions.

Should People Consider a Cryptocurrency ICO List?

The list of cryptocurrency TGEs gives an opportunity to compare easily and efficiently.This allows more attention to be on important features which should be taken into account while choosing a platform to back.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies in recent times, Token Generation Events (TGEs) are popping up left, right and centre. It’s crucial that backers receive all the information needed as quickly and well managed as possible. Honest and transparent information is crucial today because whilst not many TGEs are scams, the possibility is out there. Due to the trendiness of cryptocurrency there are many new users delving into this relatively unknown industry which creates a gap for malicious individuals to exploit new users.

IcoGuide: Well Rated

IcoGuide is a great option for uncovering information regarding the latest TGEs. It is an evaluation platform which provides a space for startup projects to showcase their TGE to the public and have it matched up against its competitors. IcoGuide aims to help customers make informed decisions, and avoid any potential TGE scams that are circulating the web.

IcoGuide is derived from a team of experts with years of cryptocurrency trading and time spent inside the industry. The company is sharing their experience with the public now by providing customers with key information that is easily broken down and absorbed. These experts are independent 3rd parties which assign unbiased average TGE ratings for each one individually. This ensures users are given accurate advice when looking at all TGE’s.

A token generation event will not be listed on the website before extensive research has been taken. All calculations must be taken into account to provide clear cut and transparent information with the public. The average score is a rating provided by each expert which is fairly assessed. IcoGuide will not accept or provide for any form of paid ranking. The rankings are formed by our experts who make the decisions impartially.

Finding the Right TGE is Easier Than Ever

Upon opening the website users are provided with a list of TGEs which can be separated into different feeds:

  • Popular
  • Ongoing
  • Upcoming
  • Past

Upon choosing, navigate through the list of projects which are broken down between:

  • Rating
  • Price
  • Hard cap/ Soft cap
  • Start
  • End
  • Bonus
  • Country of origin

From there, users get a more in-depth view of their chosen TGE, what the project is about, and where funds will be allocated. It features an “about me” page sharing extra details necessary to help customers make a well informed decision.

Free listings are offered to any TGE on their webpage where upcoming projects are assessed and rated by the independent experts from around the globe at IcoGuide. Every company has to start somewhere; IcoGuide boasts over 10 experts working around the clock to maintain this incredibly useful service.

About IcoGuide

IcoGuide is evaluation and rating platform of Token Sales. They provide a space for new projects to encourage their development and to help customers make better decisions regarding their contributions to Token Sales.

The team has more than five years experience in cryptocurrency trading and more than one years experience with Token Sales. Now they are sharing their knowledge and experience with their customers and are providing them with information on Token Sales, through evaluation of the idea and its potential. IcoGuides experts evaluate TGE’s independently and calculate an average rating for each ensuring you have an unbiased view before investing.

IcoGuide has developed and released a blog so that users can keep up to date with all the latest news coming from TGe’s, as well as the team behind IcoGuide’s. This information posted is useful for all users no matter their skill level. It can be a great way to find helpful background information on the blockchain industry as well as for contributing to TGE’s.


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