DOG$ An Investors Best Friend!!!

December 28th, 2021 at 9:27 pm UTC · 2 min read

DOG$ An Investors Best Friend!!!
Photo: MetaRace

MetaRace is a play to earn NFT dog racing game in the Metaverse, that is powered by the DOG$ BSC token.

You can use DOG$ token to buy Racing Dog NFTs, enter and participate in dog races, breed your dogs to create new Dog NFTs, grow your kennel, breeding or training business to maximise your earning opportunities.

Incredible Staking returns and benefits, to reward loyalty.

But that’s not all… Token holders, also become co-owners in decentralised community Race Club Racecourses called MetaCourses. These are member run venues with profits shared by token holders, NFT Dog owners, $SGO and creators.

Own enough DOG$ tokens and you can even buy land and build your own meta racecourse in future releases!

This play2earn games earning and capital appreciation potential has no limits and either does your profits.

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Greyhound Dog Racing in the Metaverse!

Explore, buy, sell, train, breed, race and organise events with MetaRace NFT Greyhounds and EcoSystem Game Play.

Corey Quotes:

Unlike many project in this space, we are launching with a team with a wealth of experience. Ricky my co-founder has 30 years in licensing, marketing and management of over 500 professional athletes and being a former pro player himself in australia. Stephen Crystal our advisor and aka (mr Las Vegas) 40 years in gaming in Las Vegas and throughout the US, being a owner of the golden nugget in the inaugural years. And Chet Parker also an advisor and super respectful investor in tech! I recommend you check out his achievements to. We also bring super experienced developers, web, art designers, admins and a big support group of investors.

The plans are the become the biggest and best play2earn game in the Metaverse space. Taking a real world billion dollar industry and turning it into a electrifying unreal play2earn experience within the metaverse.

You only have to look at the likes of ZED Run, DeRace and a few others to see the opportunity here! I feel as though we are in a league of our own, having already launched a super successful $100+ mill marketcap coin, scaled and sold real and digital businesses and now we know what works and what doesn’t.

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