DogeCoin and HUH Token: What Does Cryptocurrency Even Meme? 

April 29th, 2022 at 10:06 am UTC · 3 min read

Meme coins are usually inspired by internet jokes or their central narrative is along humorous lines. Dogecoin (DOGE), for instance, was developed on the doge meme that includes an image of a dog of the Shiba Inu breed. HUH Token is a cryptocurrency and its very name is a playful spin on the confusion that exists around the concept of cryptocurrencies.

These meme coins are evolving to serve the purpose of beneficial investment as well.  An apt term to describe such tokens would be ‘utimeme’ coins. These coins harness the popularity they get from the meme followers across the internet as a marketing technique.

However, meme coins are highly volatile and vulnerable to significant fluctuations in value over very short periods. This is because meme coins usually have an unlimited quantity and their appeal is mostly driven by pop culture. It should be noted that HUH Token is a brand new cryptocurrency with a limited supply.

Before investing in any of the utimeme coins, it is important to be backed by research and pick a token that best suits your crypto portfolio. Here are two meme coins that will surely pick your interest!

HUH Token

DogeCoin and HUH Token: What Does Cryptocurrency Even Meme? 

The HUH Token’s marketing approach has established itself as a unique and fresh presence in the cryptoverse. The creators of HUH are intending to build MetHUH, their own social media site. It will entice social media influencers to get involved in the fintech industry. Furthermore, anyone may become a MetHUH influencer and receive passive money based on their content sharing and amount of interaction. The whitepaper also promises this social media platform to be a functional NFT Marketplace.  HUH Token is a multi-chain cross-chain token available across major blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

Users using HUH tokens can generate a referral code to encourage new users to the site. A smart contract will pay the holders in tokens for these referrals. The presale period for HUH Token has ended, and now might be the best moment to invest in it because the future of HUH Token appears to be promising. The HUH Token team is continually working to develop a community of like-minded investors.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency founded by software programmers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a “joke” in response to the speculative air that engulfed the world of cryptocurrencies at the time. It is regarded as the original meme coin, but it has since flourished as a utility coin, attracting investors from all around the world.

DogeCoin and HUH Token: What Does Cryptocurrency Even Meme? 

Given the open identification of its developers, a solid history of fundraising and Elon Musk’s endorsement, it’s safer to put faith in DogeCoin (DOGE). The coin showed an immediate hike by more than 20% on the day Elon Musk bought Twitter. The coin dipped again the next day but has managed to soar above the value it was previously trading at.

This new trend of utimeme coins is bringing a positive change in the cryptocurrency market by getting more and more internet users to engage with the seemingly evasive crypto world.

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