Dogeliens to Take Over the Gaming World Like Decentraland and ApeCoin

September 7th, 2022 at 1:21 pm UTC · 3 min read

Dogeliens to Take Over the Gaming World Like Decentraland and ApeCoin
Photo: Dogeliens

The finance and gaming industries have witnessed insane growth over the past few years and will continue to grow as new inventions and developments seem to surface every other day. The Finance industry was introduced to a new dimension with the creation of Bitcoin, a digital cash system free of regulations from central authorities or intermediaries. This created a buzz around the concept of having a decentralized financial system and kicked off the Decentralized Finance movement.

Over the years, the decentralized finance system has grown in popularity and is set to replace traditional finance in the coming years. Decentralized finance has taken over the crypto world, creating an avenue for users to transact limitlessly on a global stage. As of 2022, Decentralized finance has over $80 billion locked in the system.

The gaming industry has also seen its fair share of growth and advancement over the years but with Metaverse and Augmented reality becoming increasingly popular, the gaming industry is set to witness immense growth like never before.  Gaming platforms are beginning to introduce a new gaming environment built in a virtual world where individuals can play games together while still interacting and exploring in virtual reality.

GameFi is what happens when two of the most successful industries in the world team up to build a platform that offers all the services both industries provide in the same space.

GameFi comes from the combination of the words Gaming and Finance, and like the name suggests, it is a platform where users can play games and earn at the same time, thanks to the play-to-earn (P2E) the platform adopts. There are numerous GameFi platforms, the most popular being splinter lands, and alien wars.

What Is Dogeliens?

Dogeliens to Take Over the Gaming World Like Decentraland and ApeCoin

Dogeliens, also called puptopia, is an open-source, decentralized ecosystem to build a safe and reliable community for its members. The ecosystem is equipped with many features, like the University of Barkington, a unique blockchain educational center. The ecosystem also features an NFTs marketplace, but we want to discuss the P2E Games available on the platform.

How Does Dogeliens Work?

There are a couple of features that the platform offers:

  • Battle Zone- This game allows users to team up with friends and takes on other teams of Dogeliens in the platform’s battle arena. Users get to earn $DOGET whenever they win battles and can also qualify for extra rewards when they share their success on social media using the hashtag Dogeliens.
  • Dogelien World – For anti-violence people who dislike battle games, the platform caters to you all by ensuring utopia is filled with other unique and fun stuff to do.
  • Walkies Time – Users will also be able to walk with their Dogelien in the different landscapes available on Puptopia. They can collect flowers and fruit that can then be harvested into materials/ clothes/treats and accessories for pups which can then be sold on the NFT marketplace.

How to Participate

Users interested in participating will have to purchase their very own Dogelien pup. This will be possible via their unique NFT marketplace, where you can buy assets to customize your Dogelien to your specific taste and style.

To find out more about Dogeliens (DOGET) visit: Website, Presale, Telegram.

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