Dubai-Based Startup GigTricks Sets New Standards for Freelance & On-Demand Industry

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The ecosystem that includes 5 innovative products not only solves the security and transparency issues, but integrates the real life sales into the blockchain-based freelance platform.

Workforce trends have always been significantly influenced by the pace of technological development. Business models had to undergo major change with the invention of the assembly line or the Internet. The invasion of blockchain technology can become the next milestone as it brings the next level of security and safety to business. One specific industry that can benefit most from this technology is freelance – and blockchain-based GigTricks platform proves that the new approach can solve its most pressing issues.

GigTricks is a diversified ecosystem that simplifies the connection between talented professionals and companies interested in their services. The freelance & on-demand industry is rapidly growing but the key problems stay the same: the lack of trust and transparency.

Blockchain nature of the Dubai-based startup enables to create the sound environment where a company and a freelancer can establish trustworthy relationship. The unique 360⁰ solution integrates transparency and security into all activities. That may not seem to be a big deal for a person who has never worked as a freelancer or for a one who has never looked for an on-demand specialist, but that is the issue that makes GigTricks stand out among its rivals. This ecosystem eliminates the problems of not being paid for work or getting unfair reviews – and the same mechanism ensures that portfolio and all the declared skills match the reality.

Founder and CEO of GigTricks Amir Shaikh said: “The GigTricks e-marketplace is on a mission to make the world a better place by facilitating unlimited growth opportunities for both entrepreneurs and freelancers around the world.”

The ecosystem of GigTricks is complex as it covers all the needs of the freelance industry. The core of the system is GigTricks Marketplace: this is the platform that helps to find the perfect specialist for a task. GigTricks Pro is a component that is enabling the verification of profiles. The convenient interaction is ensured by GigTricks Social.

While the listed features are essential for a freelance platform, the two other parts of the ecosystem are more about bringing the industry to the new level. GigTricks Learning helps specialists to enhance the skills without leaving the ecosystem – and immediately get their confirmation. GigTricks Point of Sale is extending the boundaries of the ecosystem to the offline world. This solution allows a freelancer to record physical sales under the blockchain. The reviews from offline customers can also be added to the profile thanks to PoS.

GigTricks has created a solution that is highly demanded by the business comunity. The success of startups and small businesses proves that the company does not have to maintain a large staff to be prosperous. A group of enthusiasts can create a business based on innovative idea and they no longer have to be specialists in all the spheres. They can just do what they like – and hire talented professionals for the rest of the tasks using GigTricks. The first investment in the trustworthy freelance & on-demand economy can be made soon as the GigTricks token presale will be live from 1st July 2018 to 30th July 2018.

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