DuckDAO & TRON Partnership Highlights the Need for Cross-Chain DeFi Solutions

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DuckDAO & TRON Partnership Highlights the Need for Cross-Chain DeFi Solutions
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The decentralized finance landscape continues to grow and evolve. TRON continues to position itself as a prominent layer for decentralized financial services and products. By forging a strategic partnership with DuckDAO, new opportunities will become accessible to the millions of TRON users.

DuckDAO Expands To TRON

As many blockchain ecosystems compete for traction in the DeFi space, forging new partnerships will become all the more essential. DuckDAO and TRON acknowledge this opportunity and strengthen ties to advance both ecosystems. All of the services under the DuckDAO banner will be made available to TRON users globally. Additionally, any TRON project can become part of the DuckDAO community and IDO.

When a digital assets incubator pays attention to TRON, one knows something is bound to happen. In this competitive space, it can be challenging for up-and-coming ventures to achieve their full potential. Rather than opting for a one-chain approach, DuckDAO immediately acknowledges the potential of spanning across multiple blockchains. Today, its community spans Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and now TRON.

The main reason to opt for TRON is how it, unlike Ethereum, provides better scaling options and has much lower transaction fees. Today, it can cost anywhere from $10 to $80 to perform actions on the Ethereum network, which doesn’t benefit anyone. Instead, it will force more projects to look for accessible and affordable alternatives, of which the TRON network is one.

Cross-chain decentralized finance solutions remain a less-explored market. By default, most blockchains are incapable of communicating with one another directly. Solving that problem requires building new tools or bridges to not only link these ecosystems together but ensure the overarching product or service reaches its full potential. DuckDAO is raising the bar in this segment, setting an example for other DeFi projects to follow.

Anyone who is currently developing a new or existing project on TRON can become part of the DuckDAO community. More importantly, they will gain access to launching Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) through DuckDAo’s technology. Any project aiming to raise capital by selling tokens can benefit from this approach. By leveraging DuckDAO’s IDO solution, TRON projects can benefit from increased legitimacy and broader interest.


Partnerships like these confirm the DeFi industry is still in the early stages of maturity. The first generation of applications and products has given rise to many new ideas that are often limited by technical constraints. Alleviating those roadblocks is of the utmost importance. Tapping into different blockchain ecosystems can help projects grow and evolve.

DuckDAO’s approach to providing expertise, marketing power, and financial resources to early-stage crypto startups can catalyze the broader DeFi industry’s mainstream adoption. TRON aims to accelerate the internet’s decentralization, making it a good fit for the DuckDAO vision.

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