Dvision Network Announced the Official Start of the 1st LAND Sale in Cooperation with Binance NFT and NFTb

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Dvision Network Announced the Official Start of the 1st LAND Sale in Cooperation with Binance NFT and NFTb
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The countdown to LAND Sale has begun on Dvision’s official website.

The land sale teaser from Dvision Network has been released, revealing the announcement about the first and biggest LAND Sale on Binance Smart Chain in collaboration with Binance NFT, NFTb and Dvision’s Marketplace. The LAND Sale will be conducted between the three NFT marketplaces, that eventually leads to the opening of the New York and Seoul Meta Cities in Dvision World. These LANDs are digital pieces of virtual estate registered as NFT (ERC-721/BEP-721) in the Dvision Metaverse, that represent the ownership of the scarce digital property.

Surprisingly, owners have the ability to construct whatever structure they want. The Dvision Network ecosystem, which will include entertainment, education, commerce, and in-game components, will be built around the structures created.

There are a total of 4,460 lands scheduled for sale in the two Meta cities (Seoul and New York) on the 24th of November at 11 am UTC.  LAND will be offered in boxes across these three marketplaces without bias: Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision NFT.

Binance users will be able to purchase 1,452 Mystery boxes from the NFT Marketplace. It is expected to contain up to seven different land lots (ranging from 1×1 to 3×3 premium), with one NFT being randomly awarded.

Users can visit the NFTb launchpad on the same date and time, where the INO is classified in such a way that the first tier has access to the regular LAND box. Their fourth tier, on the other hand, gets access to the legendary LAND Box. A total of 1495 boxes will be available for purchase.

Furthermore, the Dvision NFT marketplace will provide 1469 LAND lots, each with a specific placement on the map and no randomization. This time, anyone interested in purchasing the land can do it without using cash by using the DVI token in the marketplace.

Because of their rarity, Lands are extremely scarce in the Dvision metaverse. Only 20 meta-cities will be issued in total, with two meta-cities being launched in each sales round. Over the course of two years, ten rounds will be held.

On the Dvision Network website, the land sales countdown has officially begun and is almost over, indicating it’s nearly time for the LAND sale.

About Dvision Network

Dvision Network is redefining the metaverse experience by employing its VR technology to lower the entry barrier globally, allowing designers, businesses, and individuals to participate in the most advanced metaverse experience.

Dvision Network, as a leading metaverse project, has hosted a number of notable events, including Binance smart chain’s first year anniversary, ROK national assembly debates, Luniverse partners day, and others. Dvision’s operating strategy also promotes great product quality, user experience, and increased in-game communication, allowing offline enterprises to seamlessly shift to the metaverse.

The Dvision network aspires to create an all-encompassing metaverse that touches every part of life while transforming the human metaverse experience.

For additional information on the Dvision LAND sales, visit the website. Please see the social links for more information: Telegram, Twitter.

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