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DX Leaders Strategy Forum Malaysia 2024 Unveils a Vision for the Future

January 17th, 2024 at 9:21 pm UTC · 2 min read

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur /DX Leaders Strategy Forum/ – As Malaysia solidifies its position on the global digital transformation stage, the DX Leaders Strategy Forum Malaysia is set to take center stage at the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, on March 6, 2024. This event comes at a pivotal moment for Malaysia, as it navigates the complexities of a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In recent years, Malaysia has emerged as a dynamic player in the global digital transformation landscape. The country’s commitment to embracing technology and innovation has led to significant advancements in various sectors, positioning Malaysia as a potential digital powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

According to MDEC’s Senior Vice President, accelerating digital adoption among the government, citizens, and small businesses is crucial to driving Malaysia’s economic growth. Currently, Malaysia’s digital economy contributes 23.2% to its GDP, and this figure is expected to increase to 25.5% by 2025. However, the government recognizes the need to prepare the job market for digitalization, acknowledging the growing importance of a digitally-savvy workforce and addressing concerns about job security. Despite possessing a solid digital foundation, it is essential to bridge existing disparities to fully unleash the potential of digital transformation.

The DX Leaders Strategy Forum Malaysia 2024, themed “Strengthening Digital Horizon for a Thriving DX,” is a series of focused-group discussions that will explore ways to improve and enhance digital capabilities and readiness. The objective is to achieve a successful and flourishing digital transformation by fortifying digital infrastructure, expanding digital skills and resources, and creating a solid foundation for the changes and innovations associated with digital transformation.

This forum will bring together leaders, visionaries, and experts across industries to share insights, strategies, and best practices. The agenda includes in-depth discussions on fortifying digital infrastructure, navigating digital skill challenges, and creating a robust foundation for embracing the changes and innovations that come with digital transformation.

As Malaysia charts its course in the digital realm, the DX Leaders Strategy Forum Malaysia stands as a beacon, guiding the nation toward a thriving digital future. Join us on March 6, 2024, to be part of this transformative conversation that will shape Malaysia’s digital landscape for years to come.