e-Chat Introduces its Cryptolike Function to Evaluate Video Blog Contestants

Place/Date: Hong Kong - November 28th, 2017 at 8:51 am UTC · 2 min read
Source: e-Chat

The e-Chat team has announced the video blog contest with the prize fund of 27,000.00 ECHTs ($27,000.00). The e-Chat project is a decentralized instant messaging platform with the multi-currency crypto wallet.

The e-Chat management would like to bring the publicity to their ICO, because the idea of video blogs is to overview the e-Chat app, and highlight its convenience in use and multi-functionality. The contestants are also free to vlog about the ICO, e-Chat is running right now. The first round of their ICO started on November 16 and finishes on December 15, 2017.

The video could be of any duration, but not very long and it could be posted on the YouTube (YOKU channel). The link to the video should be provided in the special google form / [email protected]

The video blog contest has started on November 10th and finishes on December 10th. Maybe it’s not the coincidence as the e-Chat users are exposed to so many events. On December 10 2017, the results of the vlog contest are announced and five days later on December 15 2017, the e-Chat team will speak about the results of the ICO they are running right now.

The video blog competition is an additional way to introduce the unique feature of e-Chat, ‘Cryptolike’. This option enables the evaluation of any kind of content by liking it anonymously and shows a new way to interact with the content. The cryptolike is correlated with the inbuilt e-Chat multi-currency wallet and by liking the video, post or photo, the user could support the author of the content directly.

To read more about the prize fund of this vlog contest and the money distribution, go to the official website of e-Chat.