Chinese E-Commerce Giant Stock Slump amid Subsidy Report

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Chinese E-Commerce Giant Stock Slump amid Subsidy Report
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Should be operating in a whole new niche, the prediction of its ability to bounce back might be somewhat difficult.

The stiffening competition that may be tagged as a healthy twist for Chinese retail consumers can be said to be a major bane for e-commerce giant Inc (HKG: 9618). According to a report by Bloomberg, the shares of are moving negatively in tandem with a recent report that the company is planning a subsidy program to reposition itself against the stiff competition it is currently facing.

The competition is specifically coming from its top rival Pinduoduo Inc, a subsidiary of PDD Holdings Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: PDD). With more favorable pricing that has earned Pinduoduo a growing market share from and other top giants like Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd (HKG: 9988), the onus now lies on the legacy old firms to devise a way to win back those customers.’s approach is the planned $1.5 billion subsidy program. The performance of the stock following the report showcases investors’ negative sentiments on what the future holds for and its peers should this competition persist. The company’s shares slumped by 8.53% in Hong Kong at the time of writing to HKD 189.70.

“Embarking on an aggressive subsidy campaign could be an acknowledgment on’s part that it is facing market share pressure from Pinduoduo,” said Vey-Sern Ling, managing director at Union Bancaire Privee said. The move is “negative for the entire e-commerce industry, including Alibaba,” he added.

The shares of Alibaba also slipped by 4.23% to HKD 95.20. Overall, the Hang Seng Tech Index fell by 2.9% as it prepares for its worst closing thus far this year. The growth or implosion of tech stocks in China is very correlated and the current trend is a vote of no confidence which may or may not persist.

While the trio of, Alibaba Holdings, and Tencent Holdings Ltd (HKG: 0700) are considered the tech giants that have held the forte in China to date, the outlook is shifting imminently from newer entrants like ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. and Its Defined E-Commerce Leverage

Should be operating in a whole new niche, the prediction of its ability to bounce back might be somewhat difficult. However, as an e-commerce outfit, can unveil a set of initiatives including this proposed $1.5 billion subsidy campaign to incentivize enhanced embrace of its products and services.

Since the advent of COVID-19, retail supply has generally been on the receiving end positively. Many of the firms operating in the niche recorded a high transaction throughput and growth uptick, some of whom are not sustainable.

With the Chinese government now largely softer on crackdowns in the industry, can harness its subsidy program appropriately to help maximize impact, drag back lost users, and create immense value for all at the end of the day.

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