EBC Foundation Finds Perfect Place for Blockchain-Exchange Project

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EBC Foundation Finds Perfect Place for Blockchain-Exchange Project
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EBC foundation has announced the launch of KRPEX, a crypto-trading exchange based in Japan, where the company sees the best environment for crypto growth.

In the recent years, the Asian dominance in cryptocurrency has long been spearheaded by Japan as the leading country providing the best environment for exchanges and crypto growth. Not only this, but in light of the recent concerns regarding the Korean regulations on cryptocurrency, the instability have been balanced out by Japan’s strong support of future projects and current policies.

EBC foundation, the company behind the blockchain fintech project EBCoin, is one of such fantastic projects. The company has recently announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency trading exchange based in Japan known as KRPEX. Moreover, the EBCoin project has entered negotiations for listing their currency with local Japanese exchanges BitFlier, GMO and Zaif.

The decision to use Japan as the base of exchange operations can be considered a response to the regulatory uncertainty faced by digital currencies in Korea, where the project was suggested as an option, – a noted example of how seriously EBC foundation takes this project, with a strong desire to see it flourish into a formidable player in the exchange and crypto game. Japanese expertise alongside regulatory security will provide a fertile ground for this to grow.

EBC foundation is cooperating with Japanese partner Integro Welfare to facilitate the processing of registering and the launch of KRPEX, as well as assisting in the listing of EBCoin against various other currency trading pairs.

With Japanese Yen being the top Bitcoin trading currency in the world, accounting for a staggering 56.2% of the total trading volume against fiat currency, the Japanese government has officially recognised cryptocurrency as a payment method equivalent to fiat currencies such as the Yen or the US dollar.

The EBCoin ecosystem consists of: consumer interfaces in the form of a mobile wallet application, the EBCoin token as a new digital currency, ATM kiosks in global airports, and merchant interfaces for accepting payments and participating in loyalty programs.

The EBCoin project is backed by KR Partners Co. Ltd (KRP), a Korean based payment services provider established in 2006, specializing in tourism, travel and duty-free industries. KRP now has over 6,000 online and offline merchants in South Korea, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Clients include airlines, duty-free shops, department stores and hotels. EBCoin has an international Board of Advisors, with deep experience in digital payments, financial technology services, tax refunds and monetary systems.

The EBC foundation’s exchange will come from a background of competent and experienced companies that can ensure KRPEX to deliver all the features with high quality. With the foundation in Japan, the listing of EBCoin will be that much closer to becoming a major cryptocurrency on the market.

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