Ecommerce Re-Imagined for the Internet of Value

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by Matthew Loughran · 5 min read
Ecommerce Re-Imagined for the Internet of Value
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What if every time you shopped online you got paid? What if for every order your purchased from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. that increased the value of the dollar?

There is an innovative blockchain based company called Sparkle Coin which recently created a technology that allows people to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and their Sparkle Coin to seamlessly purchase goods online with major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy etc. When people purchase through their VCoinMall, the cryptocurrency is converted, so the retailer receives fiat currency. However, every purchase increases the transaction volume of the Sparkle Coin cryptocurrency which allows the market to drive up the coin value.

Sparkle Coin provides a much-needed bridge for greater cryptocurrency adoption in mainstream markets; facilitating the adoption of bleeding edge technology is nothing new for Sparkle Coin CEO Victor Wong. Victor has a 20-year history of taking innovative technologies to mainstream markets for consumer adoption. In the late 90s, his company was authorized by Apple to make Macintosh or Mac OS compatible computers.

At the time they created, designed and offered the most powerful Mac OS computers ever produced. The Apple go to market methodology of only revealing products that are sexy to consumers and fully functional has been a continuous strategy Victor has implemented throughout his career. Another example of how Victor and his team have revolutionized an industry through pioneering product creation was with the all in one music studio.

They produced the first all-in-one musical instrument, a keyboard with a computer built inside of it, and it became an all-in-one studio. Artists utilized that new technology to produce and perform music, everyone from Madonna, Maroon 5, Korn, Prince, Timbaland and many others.

Sparkle Coin is the next evolution in Victor’s impressive technology career. Keeping true to his methods, Sparkle Coin is very different than other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the marketplace because it is an entirely completed blockchain product. This is no whitepaper and a dream but a functional solution for cryptocurrency adoption for mainstream markets.

After sitting down with Victor you see his brain functions like an economist with the serendipity of a musician, it is quite rare. This is the type of pioneering project blockchain needs to cut through the clutter that is functional immediately for average consumers to get involved and exposed to the cryptocurrency ecosphere. This project allows end users to participate in a blockchain based transaction in a seamless, comfortable environment like ecommerce because it is familiar.

I had the chance to sit down with Victor to gain some insight into his endeavor.

Matthew Loughran: What is the void or opportunity that inspired the idea behind Sparkle Coin’s decentralized ecosphere?

Victor Wong: Cryptocurrency is a currency. We realized that you must have some ties and connections to traditional purchases and platforms. What is it going to take for a cryptocurrency to be successful, to be widely adopted? We identified three things. One is there should be some protection for early adopters, and then there also has to be transactability. You need to be able to buy things easily, products and services with it, and then you also need to have liquidity in case you want to trade with other cryptocurrencies, and also being able to sell it for fiat currencies like US dollars if you need to. We decided to create an ecosphere with three companies to support our Sparkle Coin.

Matthew Loughran: If I am an ecommerce merchant how can Sparkle Coin help me reach my business goals?

Victor Wong: Sparkle Coin expands the scope of payment options for the merchant on their ecommerce store.  It is through our VCoin Exchange that powers everything. It is a nested payment gateway and processing engine that merchants would be able to download.  Sparkle Coin is the currency for this transaction, so whether you’re paying with credit card, Bitcoin, or Ether, it goes through our transaction engine.  What happens is you authorize the transaction engine on your behalf to sell or to trade that first commodity or that primary currency into Sparkle Coin, which then is transacted in the exchange to whatever fiat currency is needed for that particular merchant. Now, we have written unique patents for this. We allow the merchant something extraordinary, and that is they can elect to take 100% of the payment in a fiat currency, or they may say, hey, I believe that Sparkle Coin is going to go up in value because every time we use Sparkle Coin it increases the transactions, it increases the demand, it increases the value of that coin. So I want to be paid my cost in fiat currency, so I’m not losing money and any gains or any profits I have I want in Sparkle Coins. They can dictate what percentages relative to US dollars or fiat currencies to Sparkle Coin or cryptocurrencies that they want. I think that’s a pretty revolutionary thing because it allows the merchants to conduct their business in the way that they would like to.

If you are an ecommerce business, I would suggest considering this completed blockchain program to leverage this mechanism for yourself or your shareholders. If you have an appetite for ICOs then be sure to head over to the Sparkle Coin website for more information.

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