Either You Are the Wolf of Wall Street or the Craziest Investor… Tale of a “Crypto Phoenix

Place/Date: - August 10th, 2022 at 11:09 am UTC · 3 min read
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Either You Are the Wolf of Wall Street or the Craziest Investor… Tale of a “Crypto Phoenix
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That long walk to the corner office after a failed business deal sounds familiar but you probably would square up to have another go. But when it comes to crypto projects, many just fizzle out including over 1700 DEAD COINS registered from 2017!

The crypto winter from last year brought down numerous coins and halted even more launches. For any to try to do a comeback would take some guts, and for you to invest in any new crypto project; you’ll either be the craziest guy ever – if it fails (in that case, revisit business school) or the Wolf of Wall Street – when it succeeds (in this case start a business school).

This HYBRID token – TheSpeedSter…yes HYBRID (utility based – MEME Token with a charity aspect) had previously attempted to launch but things didn’t go as planned. Amidst the Terra Luna driven market slump, a high soft to hard cap as well as concerns on tokenomics and project roadmap map didn’t do the project any favors.

“Crypto is not going away. And it has experienced crashes more severe than this crash.”

With revised Tokenomics (total supply, allocation etc…), Roadmap and Strategy; TheSpeedSter token is taking another swing towards launch. But what’s their leverage? What are they banking on? What do they have to offer?

  • For holders, an auto-reflection from 30% of the revenues.
  • A community-based approach. Feedback will regularly be sought from its community members to ensure that the community’s best interests are at all times protected – call that Intrapreneurship.
  • Developments in the pipeline. A tokenized game with NFT features, that is supported by a decentralized Wallet on a WEB3.0 website that also has staking features.
  • A Beta version of the game scheduled for release in the week of listing.
  • Goal to upscale to the level of 30,000 transactions per day – sounds overly ambitious but that’s the point; Ambition / Goals/ Long term.

TheSpeedSter is also venturing to have practical life changing impact through charity geared towards the AMPUTEES. Together with the community, they shall forge a path for the “HOW, & TO WHO” dynamics of this cause.

Since you have come this far with this article, you might as well just get a hint on what the upcoming game is about..


They are beyond the race tracks, beyond the public eye and the sports headlines. They are all around us. In different forms, species and terrain; land, water, Ocean depths and the skies. And they all have a story to tell, a perspective or view they wish you could see….”
That’s the idea of the GAME! Players will be immersed in a “RPG – Running” game like no other. At different stages, players will take on a different form and different “terrain”

“ Brace yourself for the ULTIMATE SPEEDFORCE!“

So, Wolf or “Sheep”? The decision to be apart of this project is one that is based on choice and analytical acumen, it isn’t about looking into a mystic glass ball. So what next? Check out their WhitePaper, and register for the Waitlist.

At the end of the day, the outcome of the project is hinged on its community!

Here are the links for more information about TheSpeedSter:  WebsiteTelegram ChannelTelegram groupTwitter.

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