Nordics Token eKrona Established as Highest Growth Digital Currency 

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Nordics Token eKrona Established as Highest Growth Digital Currency 
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Should eKrona follow the same price path as Ethereum, a mere €250 investment could be valued at well over €10M.

eKrona, the official digital currency of the Nordics, has been selected as the “highest growth coin” by more than 15,000 investors and traders worldwide. With more countries developing Central Bank Backed Digital Currencies (CBDC), the Nordic region takes the lead with eKrona. The allure of eKrona is in the security and integrity behind the coin – backed by world-leading institutions, it has minimal downside risk and tremendous upside potential.

A majority of countries are moving towards a cashless society. Experts predict that by 2023 Sweden will be almost entirely cashless. Currencies such as eKrona will help transition the shift by providing a reliable and secure blockchain payment method.

Speculators and traders also predict the price of eKrona to skyrocket within the year. If the coin follows the price appreciation of Ethereum, it could quickly achieve over a 500% increase within the next few fiscal quarters.

Economic Conditions Are More Than Perfect

With the United States and European Union adopting a lax monetary policy, more free cash is floating around than ever. The Federal Reserve has created $3 trillion during a three-month period in 2020. The excess liquidity inflows into the economy are frequently re-invested by the population into stocks, bonds, and, lately, digital currencies.

People flush with cash are now choosing to diversify their portfolios into digital currencies, such as eKrona, thus driving their prices to all-time highs. It benefits small investors who choose eKrona or other digital coins to make significant short-term gains.

Why Is eKrona Special?

Firstly, eKrona is aiming to be listed as the first legal tender digital currency in the EU. It means physical and digital goods could be officially purchased using the currency and it could be used for underwriting loans. This would constitute a historical movement by one of the largest regions of the world.

Secondly, with the current digital currency market being saturated, more investors are looking at newly issued coins for extreme growth potential. eKrona fits all of the criteria of what could become the next Ethereum or Doge. And it’s currently trading at an affordable price of €0.02.

The process to obtain eKrona coins is simple and straightforward: investors can head to and after entering their information they will be directed to the regulated broker offering tokens in their region. Automated phone verification is required to complete the sign-up process.

Should eKrona follow the same price path as Ethereum, a mere €250 investment could be valued at well over €10M.

Is this newly minted digital currency the new Bitcoin? Many seem to think so.

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