El Salvador Offers New Bitcoin, Lightning Dev Courses

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El Salvador Offers New Bitcoin, Lightning Dev Courses
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Students who finish the course will be given several options for continuing the Bitcoin journey, including the variant to start a full-time job at a renowned Bitcoin firm.

El Salvador has come up with a new crypto initiative for its citizens. The Bitcoin Officer has announced a new six-month educational program called “CUBO+” that strives to churn out elite-level Bitcoin and Lightning developers via the Salvadoran university system. According to the announcement, the dev Bitcoin courses will commence in May and will comprise a comparatively small group of students, who are under 25 and who were selected from the best universities in El Salvador.

The first batch will be invited from the University of Don Bosco. They will be participating in the inaugural Plan B Fellowship, sponsored by Tether and Fulgur Ventures. The project is a consequence of the recently launched deal between El Salvador and Lugano, Switzerland for the world’s first Bitcoin Embassy in the Swiss city.

The program will be driven by one of the best minds in Bitcoin who will be announced soon. Classes will have topics from high-level technical development particularly for Bitcoin, to distributed technologies like Holepunch, Nostr, and Web5. The program will receive private funding and all students who become eligible for the Plan B Fellowship will receive a stipend to cover the price of the course.

The initial two months of the program will be held online, after which there will be a two-week in-person boot camp, constituting intense full-day courses held in San Salvador. The remaining months will comprise immediate online mentorship with some of the big names in Bitcoin.

However, things have not been very easy for President Bukele and his BTC-advocating supporters. Since the government granted BTC legal tender status in September 2021, the Bitcoin market has witnessed long periods of instability.

However, in October last year, it was stated by a survey at the Central American University that seventy-seven percent of Salvadorans thought BTC adoption was not advantageous for them at all. However, Bukele doesn’t plan on changing his obsession with crypto. Bukele also seeks a second term in the upcoming elections after relatively high approval rates by the people of Salvador.

The revealed information explained how the program will provide an infrastructure upon which others can leverage an open-source standard for high-level Bitcoin Education. Educational experts are also contributing to the course design which aims to set the standard for other countries to follow.

Students who finish these courses in El Salvador will be given several options for continuing the Bitcoin journey, comprising the option to adopt a full-time job at a renowned Bitcoin firm. Alternate options of entrepreneurial opportunities or education will also be offered.

The title “CUBO+” is emanated from an undertaking that President Nayib Bukele commenced in his Mayor position in San Salvador. As a mayor, the city would construct buildings in relatively poor places, and this development acted as libraries and community centers for more education. The program seeks to create inspiration for building El Salvador’s future.

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