Former Employees of TRON Foundation Sue Justin Sun for Workplace Hostility

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Former Employees of TRON Foundation Sue Justin Sun for Workplace Hostility
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The former employees have accused TRON CEO Justin Sun and BitTorrent engineering head Cong Li of pressurizing them on the release of BitTorrent software. Sun has also been accused of engaging in verbal abuses at the company.

Fresh trouble brews up for the TRON Foundation founder Justin Sun as two former employees sued him on charges of workplace hostility. The two employees Richard Hall, 50, and Lukasz Juraszek, 28, filed a lawsuit in the state of California last October 2019.

These two employees were part of BitTorrent, a decentralized file-sharing platform acquired by TRON back in 2018. In the court document, the two employees wrote of escalating hostilities which thus resulted in their termination in the summer of 2019.

Furthermore, the lawsuit names Justin Sun and Head of Engineering Cong Li for pressurizing them on BitTorrent software release. Juraszek also speaks of Sun’s uncultured behavior at the company and slapping Li occasionally. However, the lawsuit also puts light on Li’s abusive behavior at the company. The lawsuit claims that Li had hit the manager and verbally attacked him in-person and group chats. Referring to the episode between Li and the manager, the lawsuit notes:

“Lukasz Juraszek saw two sets of shoes under the conference room door. And then heard a loud commotion coming from the room and then what seemed like a punch, slap, or a strike of a hand.”

On the other hand, Hall claims of some ethical dilemmas in the working environment of the company. The lawsuit states that crypto professionals were asked to work on technology touted to be value-neutral but intended to break laws. Hall said that he raised the concern of third parties hosting child pornography and copyright-infringing content. However, Sun and Li neglected his stance and cared little about it, says Hill. Hill said:

“Cong Li summarily dismissed these concerns. He stated that he had discussed these concerns with Justin Sun, and that no legal review would be done”.

Justin Sun Surrounded by Controversies

Besides, pressurizing him to fast-track the BitTorrent software release, Hill has put additional accusations on Sun and Li. He said that Li threatened to terminate him if he used his company-sanctioned vacation holidays.

He said that Li pressurized him to cancel his travel plans without seeking any sort of reimbursement. Hill says that this was against the contractual promises of the TRON Foundation. The lawsuit states that when Hill decided to travel nevertheless, he was threatened with statements like “things will end badly for you”.

The two ex-employees said that they were forced not to keep any email records or to approach the Human Resource. The mentioned that some unknown users logged-in using their email IDs and deleted the emails.

In response to these accusations, Justin Sun and Cong Li issued a statement.

“TRON is not able to speak on the details of pending litigation, but what we can tell you is that our customers, employees and the TRON community are extremely important to us,” wrote they.

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