EO.Trade Already Integrated 30 Cryptocurrencies within the First Month of ICO

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by Darya Rudz · 3 min read
EO.Trade Already Integrated 30 Cryptocurrencies within the First Month of ICO
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ExpertOption’s branch EO has overachieved in realizing its plans on integration new cryptos. During the first month of ICO, has integrated 30 digital currencies for making payments.

EO, the four-platform-ecosystem developed by leading broker ExpertOption, has integrated 30 digital currencies for making payments within the first month of its ICO. The company has exceeded its initial target of 20 cryptocurrencies.

EO is the brainchild of ExpertOption headed by Ivan Opria. Founded in 2014, ExpertOption is operating in 6 countries and has partnerships with Google and Facebook. The ExpertOption platform was developed and implemented in-house, providing a web based platform, as well as a desktop and mobile application. It was designed to bridge the gap between traditional online trading and Crypto investments.

In the beginning of April, ExpertOption introduced EO coin for its multiple investment platforms. Available on Web, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, EO has more than 7,500,000 users. It supports more than 100 trading assets which include currencies, commodities such as gold and oil, stocks and of course cryptocurrencies.

The official pre-initial EO coin sale which opened on the 16th of April has led to a renewed interest to ExpertOption. As was previously reported by CoinSpeaker, the rason of ExpertOption’s success is its deep knowledge of the sphere. The expansion to the crypto sphere led to creation of a range of new products including the EO.Finance wallet, EO.Trade crypto exchange, EO.News portal and token-based accounts on ExpertOption. All of these platforms are working as a coherent whole as they are working with the EO coin.

Since the launch of the EO project, the company has opened up to the public about its operations and team members, maintaining a high level of transparency, in its series of videos EO invited viewers to discover the core departments who led ExpertOption to success and will do the same with EO.

The company promised in its whitepaper that EO.Finance would support 20 cryptos. But in fact, 30 cryptocurrencies have been integrated within the first weeks of coin sale.

Among recent integrations are Aelf, Augur, Loom, and BAT.

“Fulfilling our promises is a given, we plan to exceed expectations,” CEO Ivan Opria said. He continued: “After our success with ExpertOption, EO is about expanding options for investors and bringing blockchain and traditional online trading closer in a convenient and practical manner”.

The launch of EO has not overshadowed ExpertOption which continues to offer online trading services to traders from more than 150 countries. “ExpertOption was and continues to be the preferred broker for millions of traders,” head of Customer Support Dmitrij Nikitin said. “We will continue to offer excellent trading conditions and support our clients who are not ready to make the leap into blockchain, however we are also ready to help those who are”.

The EO coin sale is currently taking place. Users can be offered discounted payments for transaction fees on EO.Trade and EO.Finance and higher profit percentages for token-based trades on ExpertOption.

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