The Road to the Four-Platform-Ecosystem Begins as EO Coin ICO Began

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The trading ecosystem which combines both fiat and crypto investment has just launched the public presale. The private presale has already brought over $5 million – and the ExpertOption’s expectations for the new stage of ICO are high.

In the beginning of April global leading broker ExpertOption introduced EO coin for its multiple investment platforms. The ecosystem created by the company brings all the benefits of traditional online trading to the blockchain community. The platform is available for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

The official pre-initial EO coin sale which opened on the 16th of April has led to a renewed interest to ExpertOption. The project attracts both crypto and fiat investors as the platform combines these two spheres to provide users with the best trading practices.

The advantages of the new ecosystem come from its nature. ExpertOption claims to create a reliable crypto exchange. The scale of the project is impressive: it is not a single platform – EO created a multidimensional product which includes solutions for both crypto and fiat investments.

The success of ExpertOption can be explained by its deep knowledge of the sphere. It already runs an award winning trading platform which works with over 100 assets. The expansion to the crypto sphere led to creation of a range of new products including the EO.Finance wallet, EO.Trade crypto exchange, EO.News portal and token-based accounts on ExpertOption. All of these platforms are working as a coherent whole as they are working with the EO coin. For better user experience there is only one common set of credentials – which means there is no need to create multiple accounts.

“Crypto trading is fast approaching the level of traditional online trading, yet in most cases the two remain separated” CEO Ivan Opriya said. “Our ecosystem will allow investors to go through the process from beginning to end using EO products. This will ensure a faster, smoother and less costly experience.”

The new project definitely does not lack trust. As many of its competitors are created on a wave of the blockchain popularity, ExpertOption has solid experience in the sphere. The EO ecosystem gave the company an opportunity to expand its offers.

“We have had more than 7 million traders over the past couple of years. As we take the next step we think it’s a great opportunity to involve traders and investors in this project” Dmitrij Nikitin Head of Customer Care said, “Not only can people benefit from using the EO coin on our products, but they can also invest in the development of the ecosystem and be rewarded for it.”

The public presale is to end on the 29th of June. ExpertOption has a clear vision of developing the project. The next month after the presale – in July 2018 –  the company is planning to launch the EO.Finance wallet, all of the parts of the ecosystem are expected to become available in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

The EO coin offering provides users of the ecosystem with an opportunity to maximize the profit from using the ExpertOption products. The company is going to reward the early supporters with discounts on all the company’s platforms. The company has proven to be a trusted one as it raised over $5 million during the private pre-sale.

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