EOS-Backed Social Media App Voice Developed by Block.one Finally Launches

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EOS-Backed Social Media App Voice Developed by Block.one Finally Launches
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Voice, an EOS-backed social media platform, has been launched. The site will be decentralized and will incentive contributors to the platform. Beta tests are said to be completed by 15 August 2020.

The long-awaited crypto social media platform Voice finally launches on the EOS platform. In the age of numerous media information from different sources, the Voice platform aims to bring originality and a decentralized medium through which quality content can be published. The platform also seeks to remodel the Steemit platform by incentivizing publications in order to reward its users. With these great perks, Voice is set to wrestle popular social media giants Facebook and Twitter by asserting its relevance.

Founded by Block.one, the company responsible for the development of the EOSIO protocol, the Voice platform is now open to the public for viewing.

Wavering Project Timelines

The eventual launching of the Voice website came with so many missed timelines. The project was originally intended to be launched last year June when block.one originally announced the project. Having missed the original timeline, the company then pushed the launch to August 15 after completing the site’s beta testing.

“We were prepping for a big reveal in the fall – but things changed. The world changed,” Voice CEO Salah Michael Zalatimo said. “So, we’ve decided to open up our platform now and invite the community to be a part of the building process,” added he.

Voice will run as a separate company from Block.one but with the adequate funding the platform has obtained from its parent company, its operations are expected to have a flawless start-off.

Pitching a Difference from Its Predecessors

Since the emergence of blockchain technology, several attempts have been made to develop cross-functional use cases for the technology, and this has caused several projects to develop ways of integrating blockchain technology in their operations. The world of media is one major niche that seeks to be rejuvenated by blockchain and Voice joins such projects as Steemit, Narrative.org, ALIS, and memo.cash to mention a few.

The preceding blockchain-based social media platforms have their respective limitations and have not been able to provide the needed competition fierce enough to unseat the likes of Facebook and Twitter who monopolize social media for a centralized profit. The Voice website and the developers seek to bring “transparency, authenticity and humanity” as confirmed by Zalatimo. Now that the project is live, expectations mounts to see how much of a difference it can make and for how long.

Voice one is the latest EOS blockchain-backed social media platform developed by Block.one. The site will offer top-notch browsing services and will reward contributors with the Voice token. The project is backed by an established Block.one, and aims to outperform existing blockchain-based social media platforms and their offerings.

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