EOS Releases Its Open Source iOS Wallet App and Chrome Extensions

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EOS Releases Its Open Source iOS Wallet App and Chrome Extensions
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The release of EOS open source iOS wallet app will allow developers to provide support for “inter-application transaction signing on native mobile devices”.

EOS is slowly emerging as a powerful blockchain network for building decentralized applications (DApps). A number of big crypto projects have pledged their support on deploying DApps on the EOS blockchain network. However, DApp developers have been eagerly waiting for creating wallets on the EOSIO network.

On Tuesday, May 28, EOSIO creator and developer Daniel Larimer announced the release of their open source iOS wallet app and chrome extensions.

Thus, with the introduction of this new iOS wallet App, developers will be able to provide support for “inter-application transaction signing on native mobile devices”. EOSIO has provided a reference iOS Authenticator App with features like seamless, multi-network support without requiring the app to communicate with the nodes or chains directly.

Besides, the app securely store private keys while employing the use of biometrics to sign the transactions.

Big Announcements Ahead

EOSIO software publisher Block.one has said that it has some important announcement lined-up ahead this week on June 1. Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one said that after significantly improving the performance of EOSIO over the last year, but now their focus would be on further decentralizing the mainstream personal infrastructure while ensuring better safety and alignment.

Promising some big announcement ahead in the next month, Daniel Larimer said:

“When the time comes, our marketing will be beyond anything seen in crypto. But before you can market you need an onboard strategy that can convert users and a service that can retain them…[Brendan] Blumer [the CEO of Block.one] has assembled a world-class team that is preparing to make big moves in June.”

A number of crypto industry heavyweights have shown their confidence in the growth of EOS network. Mike Novogratz, the founder of crypto merchants bank Galaxy Digital praised EOS and Block.one for their recent developments.

Yesterday, the EOS price attained a major milestone surging past $8 before a slight pullback. The price surge was majorly due to Block.one spending over $25 million on RAM from the official B1 account. RAM is the general storage space on the EOS memory database and is precious for developers to the development of DApps.

EOS Tops China’s Crypto Rankings

In the recently released cryptocurrency rankings listed by the Chinese Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), EOS has attained the top spot as the most favorite cryptocurrency since June 2018.

The two EOS competitors in the top-three are TRON and Ethereum both allowing developers to create DApps on their networks. The CCID Group has provided the ranking based on three criteria which include technology, application, and innovation.

The CCID Group notes that EOS is the most-preferred platforms for DApp developments worldwide. Over the last year, a number of big crypto projects have pledged their support to the development of EOS network.

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