EOS Platform Updated with 35% Increase in Transaction Speed

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EOS Platform Updated with 35% Increase in Transaction Speed
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The EOS developers team has presented the upgraded EOSIO version 1.6.0 which will ensure a significantly higher transaction speed.

EOS blockchain was introduced in 2017 as a network for the development of decentralized applications. Recently it has revealed the release of EOSIO and EOSIO.CDT upgrade that will bring a row of advancements including a higher speed of the blockchain transactions.

EOSIO version 1.6.0

The team has finished their work on the updates of the EOSIO software and is ready to present them. According to the official announcement published by the company, the efficiency of the peer-to-peer networking layer will be significantly improved. Moreover, the developers have managed to enhance the overall transaction speed.

In general, it’s worth mentioning that these improvements are fully compliant with the company’s goal to increase the efficiency of the EOSIO performance and to strengthen its position in the list of the fastest protocols presented on the market.

The company’s announcement reads:

“Our own internal benchmark tests show upwards of a 35% increase in likely transaction speed when using token-transfers-per-second as our base case.”

As it has been revealed by the company, the new result has been achieved following tests of the EOSIO software that was conducted on a private network. This private network has also shown a growth in the functioning of the network.  Though the benchmark still doesn’t reflect the results of the real-life usage, it has shown a significant increase in transaction speeds, decrease in time needed for the transaction and lower CPU costs.


The EOSIO Contract Development Toolkit (EOSIO.CDT) which represents itself a toolkit aimed at providing more efficient and streamlined development on EOSIO. It was announced in EOSIO V1.3.0 and since that time it has been offering added support for Gnu & C++ 11 style and facilitating the way for declaring associated data and smart contact structures in the process of building apps.

Alongside EOSIO V1.6.0, the EOSIO.CDT V1.5.0 is being upgraded as well. The latest version is primarily intended for enhancing the easiness of building and testing of EOSIO smart contract development.

The team has presented a new tool that is known as eosio-init. It is designed to help developers easily start the creation of smart contracts by generating a template project for developing smart contracts.

The company has also highlighted that the feedback from the community plays a crucial role for them. They want to listen to the real needs of developers and to provide them with the necessary and most appropriate solutions that could significantly facilitate the way they build their apps on the network.

EOS on Huobi DM

Another milestone for EOS Cointract is its recent joining Huobi Derivatives Market. As CoinSpeaker has already reported, the exchange added the EOS coin to its trading service on December 28. Such a new move is said to have a very positive impact on the expansion of the EOS market and  the coin’s trading volumes.

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