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Epic Games Confirms Fortnite and Stranger Things Crossover

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by Janis Rijnieks · 2 min read
Epic Games Confirms Fortnite and Stranger Things Crossover
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Fortnite and Stranger Things fans have been waiting for this crossover for quite a while and now Epic Games officially confirmed this. Both the game and the show previously hinted about a possible crossover and now it is official.

Epic Games just recently confirmed a Fortnite and Stranger Things crossover, but no additional information is available at the moment. It all started when Stranger Things launched season three on Netflix. Fans started noticing similar portals to what they had seen in playing Fortnite. This obviously led to many fans speculating that a crossover is around the corner. And now it is official with Epic Games posting a picture on Fortnite’s twitter. Fans are going crazy about the lack of information.

One of the things that might come out of this crossover is the Mega Mall. That is a feature that plays both in the game and the show. This also was one of the first hints about a possible collaboration.

Moreover, fans are trying to guess what could the new collab look like. If we look at how Fortnite has executed partnerships in the past, we can wait for Fortnite player skins based on the show lead characters. Additionally, new powers, weapons, character skins and possibly “The Upside Down World” is likely what Fortnite players can expect out of this crossover.

This is not the first time when Fortnite does a partnership with very notable media entertainment brand. Previously, Fortnite implemented characters like John Wick from the Avengers. Many Avengers characters became a large part of the game.

Fortnite – the Success Story of Epic Games

Before Epic Games released Fortnite, they weren’t as big as what they are now. Last year around December, Epic Games company value was estimated around $15 billion. And it is all mainly because of Fortnite. Over the years, Fortnite has generated approximately 250 million registered players.

Also, Epic Games came up with the idea which is behind the “Unreal Engine” which powers Fortnite and multiple other games. According to this, with the help of Unreal Engine, Fortnite can implement microtransactions within the Game. These transactions also have generated approximately $1 billion in revenue for Epic since users are exchanging with skins and other items.

Moreover, the company recently launched the Epic Games Store. It will be a digital marketplace which as others write “will finally” knock-off Steam from its throne.

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