EpiK Protocol: The Mingzhi Protocol Was Officially Launched, Leading the New Trend of Knowledge Inheritance

Place/Date: - August 17th, 2020 at 7:35 am UTC · 4 min read
Contact: EpiK Protocol, Source: EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol is committed to the construction of a decentralized ultra-large-scale knowledge graph through decentralized storage technology (IPFS), decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and token economy model (Token Economy). It encourages global community members to organize the knowledge in4in this  various fields in human history into a comprehensive knowledge map, which is jointly built, shared and continuously updated on the eternal human knowledge base, thereby expanding the vision of artificial intelligence (AI) to a more intelligent future.

The EpiK Protocol has been fully prepared for the initial project launch. It first debuted on August 15, with the testnet-line opening at the same time. The browser and wallet were released, which laid a good foundation for future development and showed that The EpiK Protocol had entered a new stage of operation. The release lays the foundation to promote the main network and intends to turn the way of human knowledge inheritance into a more reliable, transparent and lighter direction.

Keynote Speech Ignited the Atmosphere

On August 15th, Eric Yao, the head of China market of EpiK Protocol, participated in the 8th China Electronic Information Expo and gave a keynote speech on “Decentralized Storage Empowering AI Cognition”, attracting a lot of audience with active discussion. Eric graduated from Tsinghua University and is an experienced investor from the beginning of blockchain.

Since 2013, he has invested in well-known blockchain projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, EOS, etc. He has 2 years of blockchain practical experience, and is also the initiator and technical evangelist of blockchain community.

According to the content of the speech, the EpiK Protocol uses crowd-sourcing and blockchain technology to build a global human eternal knowledge base including knowledge graph construction tools, decentralized collaboration platforms and human knowledge base applications, breaking the traditional centralized knowledge storage with distributed ledgers.

The operating mechanism of the centralized knowledge graph will vigorously promote the development of knowledge inheritance. The audience was very interested in the EpiK Protocol solution and was full of confidence in its development prospects. After the keynote speech, many audiences still raised questions about the current stage of the EpiK Protocol and the way in which the token economy participates. Eric responded one by one. The high enthusiasm of the audience shows that the initiation of the EpiK Protocol is imperative.

EpiK Protocol: The Mingzhi Protocol Was Officially Launched, Leading the New Trend of Knowledge Inheritance

Start the Dinner and Welcome a New Future

At the dinner that day, the launch of the testnet of EpiK Protocol Project came as scheduled, arousing cheers from the audience and raising the audience’s ardent expectations for launch of the main-net. EpiK Protocol will continue to deepen cooperation between all parties, improve alliances with experts, widen knowledge bases, dive knowledge miners, spread knowledge users and knowledge gateways, and get more understanding of the knowledge graph application scenarios such as finance, history, culture, medicine, law, etc. EpiK Protocol will continue to give full play to the technical characteristics of blockchain, build a super-expandable knowledge map application ecology, improve the current limitations of knowledge inheritance, and promote the intelligent level of smart products.

EpiK Protocol: The Mingzhi Protocol Was Officially Launched, Leading the New Trend of Knowledge Inheritance

Full Release to Ensure Ecological Development

EpiK Protocol testnet is also open sourced, which means the ecosystem of EpiK Protocol has officially started to be built globally. Open source ensures the transparency and decentralization of the project, and also accumulates experience for the subsequent launch of the main network. The release of the wallet and browser together opens the economic operation mode of EpiK Protocol. EpiK Protocol uses tokens as a medium to communicate different application scenarios, avoiding value barriers and incomplete ecosystems. Among them, EPK tokens have value circulation and the ecological function of incentive tools can efficiently stimulate network effects, continuously expand ecological boundaries, and build an organically linked ecosystem.

The highly acclaimed EpiK Protocol is bound to build a complete human eternal knowledge base, and then broaden the knowledge of AI.

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