WaykiChain DeFi Token WGRT Rockets with ROI 800%

August 16th, 2020 at 12:14 pm UTC · 4 min read

On August 14, OKEx CEO Jay Hao’s thread on Twitter saying that:

“To build DeFi solutions, he may choose WaykiChain DeFi instead of Ethereum galaxy, which is dominating the #DeFi space ITM farmers are suffering from skyrocketing gas fee, and calling the public to drop Ethereum and take WaykiChain.”

So far, WaykiChain DeFi token WGRT rockets with ROI to 800% + and keeps hitting the new high this week,drawing the attention of OKEx Exchange, which has listed around 20 DeFi tokens, but picked up WaykiChain DeFi for the roundtable serious.

Ethereum-based DeFi trend turned to an up with it’s high rewarded yield farming with an incentive token being distributed to stakeholders. When Ethereum-based COMP released, due to a byproduct of illiquidity, it shot over 1,000 percent higher.

The project like Compound, Bal and Synthetix‘s rocket fuel is the intensive reward protocol,  in a short term: Yield Farming. When farmers are getting money simply by using the product.

WaykiChain CEO Gordon Remind: Be Aware of the Risks on the Farm

The tragedy for those followed jumpers began, the COMP token has since been subject to a steep retracement. A large portion of these losses was incurred Its first listing allowed many traders could sell out in C Exchange. A bubble of further to fall could happen anytime.

As one and another yield farming project in DeFi collapses appeared, the losses are bear by the investors eventually.

WaykiChain DeFi: Safe, Risk Defensive, Low Fee with High Interests

Instead, yield farming protocols should be more aligned with safety, low costs and sustainability. WaykiChain DeFi is built up in a structural way based in its own public chain avoiding the conjunction, unstable collateral fluctuations and chaos out of order.

The three-token-model in WaykiChain DeFi construct a healthy sustainable and trusting ecosystem. It’s Governance token WGRT price raises through both the interests of collateral and the penalty for abnormal system liquidation, reserves the interest and principal, plus the increase of market value.

This, he explained, is a batter way to bring more adoption and avoid destabilizing the DeFi sector.

At present, WaykiChain DeFi has already reached the 44M collateralization, mostly through its main physical application, W-Broker.  W-Broker is a Securities firm based in Singapore providing customers Pre-IPO services to facilitate the huge demand of cross-border stocks and securities investors.

World’s First Public Chain-Based All-in-One WaykiChain DeFi Ecosystem

WaykiChain DeFi provides users an all-in-one DeFi ecosystem with functions including Dex, lending platform, multiple assets management DeFi system that will be live in the following weeks.

This is the integrated DeFi ecosystem since Ethereum however the world’s first one based on its own Public Chain.

Technology Enables the Healthy Ecosystem of WaykiChain DeFi

WaykiChain since 2017 is a project insists focusing on public chain technology development.

Cross-Chain Technology

After the thirst public chain upgrade, WaykiChain public chain is moving closer forward to an open protocol DeFi ecosystem through cross-chain technology to transfer ETH, BTC and others ERC20 token as collateral assets as well as to produce WGRT on ETH or any other chain from other protocols like Uniswap to expand its healthy ecosystem, an enabler for investors ins and outs to multiple assets through the minimum threshold.

Introducing WASM Virtual Machine

WaykiChain introduces WASM virtual machine successfully one step ahead of Ethereum that could allow the higher efficiency and the smart contracts can be shared between the two blockchains after Ethereum finished launching its own WASM virtual machine.

SaaS Platform

This allows any individual or business entity can generate their Dex through WaykiChain SaaS platform.

The Revolution Has Begun Here

It has been always believed that all good things taken to an extreme can be self-destructive and there are things must evolve or die.

Gordon, CEO & Co-Founder of WaykiChain, said:

“The blockchain who will beat #ethereum  is not another Ethereum. There should be something innovative coming out. This tri-token model of Waykichain is revolutionary.”



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