EQBR Holdings, PUMP and Scootnet Partner Together

Place/Date: Singapore - September 1st, 2022 at 12:48 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Michael M. Lee, Source: EQBR Holdings

EQBR Holdings, PUMP and Scootnet Partner Together
Photo: EQBR Holdings

EQBR Holdings, a blockchain mainnet developer, entered into a business alliance with PUMP, the largest micro-mobility service company in Korea and Scootnet, a blockchain platform operator for shared micro-mobility services and mileage management.

On the Scootnet platform, users of shared micro-mobility service can convert their usage of PUMP’s service (i.e., mileage) into tokens and trade tokens with other digital assets. EQBR Holdings will provide Whisper MSG, a blockchain-based digital wallet solution for token trades at Scootnet platform and support Scootnet’s development of other additional services.

This tripartite business alliance will be consistent with all parties’ core interests.  PUMP can have a strong marketing tool to secure its loyal members by providing tokenized mileage and special communication channel through Whisper MSG. Scootnet can successfully launch its business plan to build a micro-mobility platform consolidating other regional micro-mobility service providers by utilizing Whisper MSG’s multi-network support function. EQBR Holdings can quickly double its user base of Whisper MSG which have already reached 1 million downloads and expect further expansion of user base as Scootnet’s platform will grow.

This business alliance also shows that Whisper MSG’s unique feature acting as gateway to multi-blockchain networks is optimized for platform operators. Starting with PUMP and Scootnet, EQBR Holdings will actively market Whisper MSG as the ultimate wallet and communication solution for all integrated platform operators.

About EQBR Holdings

Founded in 2020, EQBR has engaged with various businesses as an operator, investor and third-party solutions provider. EQBR’s innovative blockchain engine called Equilibrium is the world’s first commercially-viable blockchain. Since then, EQBR has developed several dApps on top of Equilibrium, including Whisper Messenger (a blockchain-based secure messenger), EQ Hub (a low-code developer tool) and now, My Flex (an NFT minting platform).

To learn more, follow EQBR on Medium.

Download the Whisper MSG app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

To learn more about Scootnet, visit the official website.

To learn more about PUMP, visit the official website.

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