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Erth™ Points Trading on P2B

UTC by Andy Watson · 3 min read
Erth™ Points Trading on P2B
Photo: Erth Point

Erth Point crypto tokens are awarded when the sale is made, so the marketing cost is incurred only when revenue is received.

The world’s first evolved cryptocurrency with a genuinely productive global use has successfully completed several test projects and is poised to take its native Australia by storm. And with the third La Nina weather event in a row announced for the region – and the increasing concern about Bitcoin’s environmental impact – it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Erth Point uniquely combines crypto and loyalty marketing with fundraising for both consumer-nominated clubs, charities, or churches (CCCs) and the planet. By becoming the incentive behind almost any consumer or business transaction in the world, the Erth Point can be the next evolution of crypto technology.

What Makes It Unique?

Its uniqueness is demonstrated by its uses:

  • Businesses – attract and retain customers as well as align with different causes
  • Consumers (supporters) – earn real crypto from purchases, as well as provide much-needed funds for their chosen good causes and the planet
  • Charities, clubs, and churches – gain a non-invasive way to generate passive revenue from their supporters’ everyday spending
  • The planet – each transaction also gifts a proportion to the R4E foundation

Why Clyktocurrency?

These days, almost everything seems to start with a click. From search to social media, for every $1 of digital advertising budget 35c is allocated to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) channels. And as more digital businesses launch while established businesses reach digital maturity, so competition – and cost – for these clicks will rise.

While it does (currently) provide a reasonable ROI, PPC doesn’t maximize customer lifetime value – a metric of increasing importance when it comes to both online and offline marketing. This is where Erth points make the difference. Once customers are acquired, the value perception experienced as Erth points are earned – for themselves, their CCCs, and the planet – then customers have a powerful trio of reasons to purchase again.

Businesses no longer need to rely so heavily on PPC. Erth Point crypto tokens are awarded when the sale is made, so the marketing cost is incurred only when revenue is received. Instead of costly clicks, it’s the currency through the doors.

More than just an evolved cryptocurrency, Erth aims to become the world’s first digital commodity, allowing crypto exchanges to deal with end-users rather than just speculators – much like the gold and diamond markets do. Erth Point demand is driven by transaction volume, so businesses will always need to purchase Erth – particularly as sales grow. And as more and more businesses adopt the system, that demand is set to increase exponentially.

So, no need to mine crypto with diminishing returns and damage the environment in the process. The world’s first evolved ‘Clyktocurrency’ has arrived.

Potentially every sale from every business to every customer can help save the Planet. Erth™ Points provide an easy-to-use service, allowing businesses to buy Erth Points and CCCs to sell Erth Points. Oh, and it’s on a P2PB2B exchange.  You can join the online community and subscribe to social media.

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