Cardalonia Lists LONIA on P2PB2B Exchange

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Cardalonia Lists LONIA on P2PB2B Exchange
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LONIA token holders will participate in community governance and decide the direction of the Cardalonia ecosystem.

Cardano metaverse project, Cardalonia has announced the listing of its native token, LONIA, on p2pb2b. Previously, LONIA was only available for purchase with ADA tokens. Now, users can purchase it on p2pb2b.

Like Cardalonia, the p2pb2b exchange operates in Estonia and facilitates transactions worth over $1 billion daily. Following the listing on p2pb2b, interested users can now acquire the tokens through the platform. The LONIA token is available on the trading pair LONIA/USDT.

Cardalonia was announced after the Vasil Hard fork event on Cardano. Since then, its token has attracted interest from several quarters because of its utility. According to the press release, the listing with P2PB2B is one of many scheduled listings to increase awareness and adoption of the Cardalonia project.

Utility of LONIA Tokens

LONIA is the native token of the Cardalonia ecosystem. The coin has a strict lock policy and a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. LONIA holders can stake their tokens in a non-custodial staking platform and enjoy 20% APY. Moreover, token holders can become ambassadors if their stake key appears on the staking leaderboard.

Further, users with 7000 active LONIA in the staking vault will be listed automatically for Cardalonia Land Presale. Known as Terrania, users can mint the Cardalonia Land as unique Cardano NFTs. Additionally, these NFTs will represent actual spaces in the virtual Cardano world. According to the firm, the land presale will go live on October 1.

Also, LONIA token holders will participate in community governance and decide the direction of the Cardalonia ecosystem. Over time, the holders and land owners may also use Custom Avatars to explore the Cardalonia metaverse.

About Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a virtual world where players can build, own and customize their experiences on the Cardano Blockchain. Players may also explore the virtual world while completing tasks and earning rewards. Also, users can create assets compatible with the ecosystem and trade them on the in-app marketplace using LONIA tokens.

With its unique features and sustainable tokenomics, the Cardalonia project will likely increase interest in the Cardano blockchain. 

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