What Is Gold Coin? Where to Buy and to Sell It?

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What Is Gold Coin? Where to Buy and to Sell It?
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If you’ve got Gold Coin trading friends, you can refer them to the P2PB2B platform in various ways to earn more.

If you’ve been looking at Gold Coin, you might have wanted detailed info on how exactly the asset works. Fortunately, you’ve found it. This article will break down not only Gold Coin but where you can buy and sell the asset.

What Is Gold Coin?

Gold Coin is a gold-backed stablecoin that enables you to invest in precious metal without hassle. Thanks to this asset, investing is as easy as signing up on its platform, linking a payment method, and buying it.

In fact, what’s special about Gold Coin is you can make your purchase anonymously. There’s no need to verify your identity or let anyone know you’re investing. The process is entirely private.

On top of this, any assets you acquire can be redeemed for physical gold if you’d like to have that instead. However, note that you’d need to verify your identity to begin this process. Also, this somewhat defeats the point of digital investment. Physical gold costs more to store, requiring a personal vault or a monthly storage fee.

The asset is built on the Ethereum network. This enables the platform to offer you near-zero transaction fees as well as transaction speeds close to zero. Ethereum also means increased security for your assets, ensuring no one can steal your funds or payment information.

With this cryptocurrency, you can even invest in fractional amounts of gold – something not available on other exchanges. This isn’t even possible when it comes to traditional gold investments. It’s a new way to invest in a hedge, especially considering the world’s state of economic uncertainty.

No government is in control of Gold Coin. By proxy, no one is in control of your gold investment either. Even platforms like Gold Exchange that sell the coin have no control over its value.

Where to Buy and Sell Stablecoins?

First off, you can buy, sell, and hold your assets on its platform. The platform allows you to sign up quickly and invest with only a debit or credit card as your payment method. You can choose other methods, of course, but that’s the fastest way.

Once you’ve signed up, the platform offers a few trading features like buy stops and limits, for instance. There are also loss limits and sell stops as well. Otherwise, the platform offers support for various assets in which you can trade to acquire the asset.

If you’d like, you can store your purchased GoldCoin on the exchange’s wallet. However, you can also store the assets in any ERC-20 support wallet such as Exodus or Ledger. The level of security you prefer is entirely up to you.

Another exchange to buy Gold Coin on is Blockfinex. This platform offers support for various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, among others. All transactions occur in seconds, and it features a quick onboarding process to boot. Once you’ve signed up, you can almost instantly trade GoldCoin with next to no trading fees.

Blockfinex even offers an FAQ and learning center to educate yourself more on the trading process. You can also read about the project’s API if you’re more of a technical mind. There’s even a live bot to chat with for more mundane questions.

P2PB2B is yet another exchange that supports Gold Coin. The platform has its own token, the PACT token, to help with trading fees. This asset is similar to Binance’s BNB token, for instance.

Otherwise, this exchange has a lot of advanced trading features that show you the detailed price history of all of its assets. You can also see the trade history of each cryptocurrency on the platform, as well as convert your assets easily on each page.

If you’ve got Gold Coin trading friends, you can refer them to this platform in various ways to earn more. That and the platform houses a trading competition and the occasional airdrop as other ways to earn. There’s also a staking process to provide you with even more funds.

Now you’re much more educated on Gold Coin, a top gold-backed stablecoin. The asset is very much worth your investment if you’re into stablecoins. As always, do your own research before investing.

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