Ethereum 2.0 Is Harder to Implement Than Developers Thought, Says Buterin

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Ethereum 2.0 Is Harder to Implement Than Developers Thought, Says Buterin
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Buterin said that there are no technical flaws that would make Ethereum 2.0 be abandoned, stating that the project shall be completed.

The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that Ethereum 2.0 is harder to build in a technical sense than he previously thought. He said this during a podcast session with Bitcoin enthusiast Samson Mow. He further said that he is convinced that not every project built on Ethereum would be successful. 

The podcast hosted by Peter McCormack had Buterin and Mow debate issues bordering on the Bitcoin – Ethereum rivalry. The August 16 debate centered on the many promises of the Ethereum network and the ability of the platform to deliver on them. 

McCormack asked Buterin if he actually believes that the Ethereum network has delivered on the project’s vision. He also wanted to know if Ethereum has become more difficult to build than previously envisaged. Is it a case of getting halfway and finding out at the point of no return that things are more difficult than previously thought. 

 Responding, Buterin said: 

“I definitely freely admit that Ethereum 2.0 is much harder than we expected to implement from a technical perspective.” 

Buterin added that there are no technical flaws that would make the Ethereum 2.0 project be abandoned, stating that it shall be completed. A pointer to this is obviously the enormous progress made so far by the team. 

While airing his views on how he expects things to pan out, he said that it is likely many applications built on the platform will succeed while others won’t. However, he maintained that these would be independent outcomes. 

“If Ethereum tries to get into one space, and it turns out it’s actually not useful for that space, then fine, you know, those applications will not go anywhere. Meanwhile, the other sectors will keep going,” he said. 

Samson Mow had earlier said that Ethereum proponents have continually shifted narratives about the project. He said that even though there’s nothing wrong in concept of morphing in development, that there’s a need for a healthy disclaimer warning people of the limits of a network. 

He gave an example with the claims that Ethereum is money. In his response, Buterin explained: 

“I definitely did not initiate the whole Ether is money thing, the Ethereum Foundation did not initiate it. That’s something that really did come from the outside.” 

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