Ethereum Officially Launches 1 Million Developer Challenge

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by Janis Rijnieks · 3 min read
Ethereum Officially Launches 1 Million Developer Challenge
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The Ethereum one million developer challenge is aimed at expanding the currently existing developer ecosystem. After three months since the first announcement, the challenge is on.

The Ethereum challenge is an open movement that is dedicated to growing the developer ecosystem. ConsenSys Jim Jagielski tweeted that they officially launched the 1 million developer effort.

However, the way how the team plans to reach 1 million developers is quite simple. They will put it into the community’s hands. They believe it will happen through a collaborative effort. Everybody will make some kind of contribution even if it is just a share on Twitter. Also, they don’t have an estimated time when they could reach this number. 

Additionally, currently, you cannot specify the approximate number of developers working on the Ethereum platform. The website of the challenge once has said that there were about 500,000 developers back in October 2019 but recently the website has shown zero developers.

Nevertheless, the new website of the 1 million developer challenge offers the lists of meetups, hackathons, conferences, and even job offers. The company explains that they want to make the largest blockchain community “on the planet”.

Something for All Knowledge Level Developers

Also, for new developers who haven’t tinkered with Ethereum, they offer to explain the basic concepts of blockchain and Ethereum in Web 2.0 development. For those who know what Ethereum is and have a basic understanding of blockchain, they offer to jump right into the Ethereum ecosystem. They can try building and learn valuable experience by playing with the decentralization aspect of Ethereum. Moreover, they also have a program for experts, who know everything about Ethereum and Web 3.0. They can start contributing to the Ethereum ecosystem right away.

“The killerness of the ecosystem is not the nodes, it’s the links. Every single application that gets built is not just an application in its own right, it’s also a component that every future thing in the Ethereum ecosystem can benefit from,” the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is cited on the website.

Ultimately it’s like a large friendly Ethereum developer community that helps each other with lessons about the ecosystem. All together they build one united project which they all believe in. It could sound like a utopia for some, but some believe that that is the perfect way how to achieve goals. And these guys are already doing it.

However, some experts say that the demand for real-world Ethereum blockchain applications might be declining. This could leave an opportunity to other rivals in this space to take over and possibly “dominate”. Because of this, the Ethereum team will start new efforts to market the project, which is moving closer to Ethereum 2.0.

Currently, Ethereum price is around $168. And the coin’s market cap is $18,4 billion. Starting from January first, the price of ETH increased from $130 to where it currently sits. 

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