Former eToro Analyst Mati Greenspan Set to Create Crypto Trading Videos on Cointelligence

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Former eToro Analyst Mati Greenspan Set to Create Crypto Trading Videos on Cointelligence
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Mati Greenspan will be creating crypto trading videos on online educational platform Cointelligence. The course will feature in-depth teachings and analysis on the market.

With all the advancements currently being made in the crypto industry, there is a constant need for continuous sensitization and education as this is probably the only way to ensure that the sector maintains an increasingly robust growth. This need for important knowledge has been recognized by popular crypto personality Mati Greenspan, who used to be the senior financial market analyst at the eToro trading platform. Greenspan will now begin to make training videos on Bitcoin trading along with many other digital currencies.

Greenspan with this new endeavor intends to focus heavily on several cryptocurrencies and teach interested people about moves that can be applied to trading, for the best chance of the most interesting results. The training videos will however also include a wider range of topics including some specifics that might not exactly be tied to trading strategies in particular, but could also influence the direction in which the top digital assets swing. This could even include factors in the broader non-crypto economic clime. The training videos will be available on Cointelligence.

Cointelligence is known for its efforts in educating the public about crypto trading and market surveillance, making it unsurprising that the platform has reached this arrangement with an analyst as popular and respected as Greenspan. Apart from its training efforts, the platform also feeds research and analysis to several institutions that might need insight into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. While Cointelligence is yet to put out an official statement about the new arrangement, Coindesk reports that CEO On Yavin has confirmed the news in a WhatsApp message. It is unclear when exactly the training videos will be available.

The experienced financial analyst has been credited with several changes at eToro, where he worked for more than seven years. The company before 2017, was focused on foreign exchange but eventually made the move into crypto and while there is no official confirmation about it, it is often said that the inclusion of crypto into the company’s purview was made possible by Greenspan, who has had a robust history with financial markets. The analyst who is now 36, began paper-trading many years ago when he was 13 and has since authored a book titled “The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing”.

Recently, Greenspan left his senior position at eToro, to focus on his new firm Quantum Economics, a company whose main focus is on analysis and research into the world’s financial markets. A few days after announcing his eToro departure, Greenspan also tweeted that he will be joining BlockTV as an advisor, handling the platform’s $BLTV token sale on the Bittrex exchange.

In a video posted by Block TV at the time, Greenspan said he had attained his “maximum growth potential” and wanted a “radical change.”

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