Etoro Unveils MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio for Retail Investment

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Etoro Unveils MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio for Retail Investment
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The company has noted that the minimum investment amount is $500 for the MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio.

Following a growing demand and investment of Metaverse by notable institutional investors, Etoro has unleashed a new product dubbed MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio. The Etoro’s Metaverse Smart Portfolio will consist of stocks from leading metaverse companies and those connected to them.

“The MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio is a fully allocated thematic investment portfolio focused on companies and projects (represented through crypto assets) related to the Metaverse. It comprises game designers, social platforms, 3D software developers, hardware companies, and Metaverse-related crypto assets,” the company explained.

The company has noted that the minimum investment amount is $500 for the Metaverse Smart Portfolio. By providing a diverse investment vehicle focused on the Metaverse world, Etoro hopes to attract more investors into the digital world. Moreover, analysts predict the digital metaverse world is expected to scale as far as $800 billion by 2024.

Thereby making it vital for investors who seek returns and do not have the capacity to research and choose the right stocks.

“When evaluating the investment opportunity of emerging industries, diversification is key as not everyone involved will be a winner. For people who don’t have the time to research the ongoing developments of the industry, the market may seem overwhelming. By packaging up a selection of assets in a portfolio, we’re doing the heavy lifting and enabling our customers to gain exposure to the metaverse and spread the risk across a variety of assets,” said Dani Brinker, head of investment portfolios at eToro.

More Details on Etoro MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio

The Etoro’s Metaverse Smart Portfolio consists of 73.28% in stocks and 26.72% in crypto. However, the constituents are bound to the company’s discretion, whereby Etoro clarified changes will occur yearly.

Among the notable constituents include Meta Platforms Inc, Roblox Corp, Apple Inc, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Sony, Adobe Systems, Nvidia, Shopify, Snap, and Coinbase among others. On the side of crypto-assets include MANA, SAND, and ENJ.

Etoro is a major trading firm that allows traders to copy trades from reputable and vetted traders. With billions flowing into the metaverse and related businesses, analysts at the company expect major growth in the coming years.

Moreover, the Metarverse promises to revamp the global economy following the Covid pandemic that has put most people locked away. With the metaverse technology, people can meet with their friends virtually and interact through online avatars.

Companies that are not directly involved in metaverse but offer critical lifelines include Apple that is creating both hardware and software VR headsets. Others are clothesline companies like Nike that offer Metaverse users a variety of wearables.

Ultimately, investors will have a challenging time ahead seeking the right metaverse project to invest. However, those seeking a diversified portfolio can just invest into Etoro’s MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio.

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