Everything You Need to Know About the LIVETREE ADEPT Token

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Everything You Need to Know About the LIVETREE ADEPT Token
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LiveTree ADEPT (Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform) introduces its token – Seed, which allows users to gamify the processes of participation and promotion, enables clients to own what they watch receiving profit from content distribution.

The blockchain has changed the way we do things in most spheres of life. Today, it’s entirely possible to buy services on the internet and track records all the way from the beginning of the transaction. We are living in the era of the blockchain, where any sort of transaction can be logged in and referenced to later. At the moment, it’s fair to say that this technology has spawned off a series of industries, with the main ones threatening to change the way we do things.

Take for example, Bitcoin. You know all about the digital currency based on the blockchain. It’s a means of exchange just like the dollar and the pound, with the difference being that the technology is not regulated by any central party, effectively keeping it out of government reach.

Bitcoin is a currency like any other, but can change hands in a matter of seconds, without any bureaucracy making its way into the picture. Put simply, the difference between bitcoin and FIAT money is that you don’t need to wait for a few days for your check to clear or a government official to slap a seal on to things. Litecoin and Ethereum have also been hitting the headlines lately.

Disrupting the Market

LiveTree is a business entity that has been in the marketplace for two years now. For some time, its focus has been on film, TV and content writing. Over those years the company has  attempted to revolutionize this part of the industry, therefore spreading profits to all. LiveTree is a network focused on entertainment, and its passion is fueled by the need to make things better in the entertainment industry. In the last half a year alone, the organisation has crowdsourced 120 projects in its niche.

Over that period, 14,000 entertainment companies and their staffers have been involved. Some of the outfits involved include the Red Rock Entertainment, the British Film Institute and the Screen Arts Institute.

Enter Live Tree ADEPT

ADEPT is a blockchain-based idea, the scope of which goes way beyond crowdfunding. With ADEPT, you are dealing with a platform that has been around for ages, its main focus being on using the blockchain to lower fees and make transactions much easier. ADEPT also seeks to get rid of costly contracts, which has been a raging issue in the crypto community for some time now. With this technology, the entertainment group seeks to be the first Digital Rights Distro entity around the world.

At stake is a whole ton of contracts for people in the industry. For the very first time in the industry, it is going to be easy for us to look at his performance over the last few years and chart a way toward making sure that things work out in exactly the way they are supposed to.

Linked to Ethereum

ADEPT has been built on the Ethereum network and this makes it possible for intelligent bots to capture the platform’s market share via TV and film. Interested parties are able to buy and keep tokens, which they can choose to hang on to or sell. The technology is expected to rake in $50 million, which can only be achieved by the company initiating a token sale, with sales projected at around the $50 million figure. The company should manage to sell all of 35 million units of the token, from here referred to as Seed with the symbol SED.

A Force for Change

The $500 billion entertainment industry is set for a disruption. ADEPT will use the blockchain for empowerment via its own token – ‘Seed’. The LiveTree Seed will get rid of fees and funding costs. The token allows enthusiasts to gamify the processes of participation and promotion, which makes it very useful for the entertainment sector. When it comes to digital rights, the implication is that new clients will be able to own what they watch. They will also be entitled to a fraction of the profits from content distribution.

ADEPT is also looking forward to a conversation about contracts. The project makes use of smart contracts based off the internet, and this reduces costs in the long-term. After two years in the marketplace, ADEPT is looking to get directly involved in the cryptocurrency space. The Seed token will have its own valuation, and will be capable of engaging directly with interested parties across the board.

Visit the Website: https://secure.livetree.com/#!/seed/?r=welcome

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