Evolution of Global Distributed Data Commercial Storage, from IPFS to CDS

Place/Date: - May 25th, 2020 at 7:57 am UTC · 5 min read
Source: CDS

Evolution of Global Distributed Data Commercial Storage, from IPFS to CDS

There are so many big events in the blockchain field in 2020 that deserve our attention. Many of them are changing our lives and our world.

From the most well-known BTC production reduction to Ethereum 2.0 iteration, from the active deployment of cryptocurrency by Central Banks around the world to the starlight of DeFi, there are also phenomenon-level projects like Libra launching this year, and one of them that cannot be ignored is the trend of IPFS+Filecoin.

IPFS is a network transmission protocol dedicated to creating persistent and decentralized storage and sharing of files. To put it simply, IPFS is a permanent, multi-node, decentralized file storage and sharing system. It was once thought to replace the HTTP protocol of the Internet as the most valuable project of 2018.

The emergence of IPFS has attracted people’s attention to data storage and transmission methods, especially professionals in the field of Internet technology. Some enthusiasts who are committed to information storage, positioning and transmission have spontaneously joined in the in-depth exploration and research on the feasibility and future application of IPFS.

At first, we found the problems and pain points of IPFS. In the process of trying to make up for the shortage of IPFS, we found new technical breakthroughs. In 2018, several members of a technology community presented their latest research results at the Stanford University Laboratory Technology Sharing Conference, which is also the origin of the core technology of Commercial Data Storage (CDS).

The professional blockchain scientists, from the UK’s WORLD LIFE NUMBRES LTD, which is a blockchain digital technology company founded in 2017, actively promote the development of various technologies and ecology of “Blockchain +” with the vision of “Blockchain can make our lives better”. The company’s business involves life genes, smart homes, financial payments, cultural entertainment, educational rights, etc., and has cooperation projects in the EU, UAE, Japan, Sweden, Russia, Estonia and other countries. The company firmly believes that the progress of science and technology cannot rely on only one person, so the company attaches great importance to and actively promotes the technology community ecology, hoping that each community member can share his ideas and extraordinary knowledge with more like-minded people. Then find excellent scientists and excellent projects to support.

This time, the core technology achievements developed through the research on IPFS were commercialized and developed into current CDS. CDS is a smart agreement based on POTS (Proof of Traffic-measured Storage) traffic storage consensus technology and focusing on distributed data commercial storage. The design of CDS combines and surpasses the distributed technology concept of IPFS, builds on POTS flow storage consensus technology, records and saves all commercial data and content based on CDS through the design of smart contracts, improves the confidentiality and security, and realizes the asset of personal data at the same time. CDS is committed to achieving trust, security, and efficient problem solving in global data transactions, and promoting the development of various businesses. At this stage, CDS is focused on promoting the realization of the development of all value trading services. In the future, all data can be stored and used in the CDS system in a safer and more stable manner.

What are the advantages of CDS over IPFS?

  • CDS is an advanced network system tool based on distributed storage technology developed by blockchain POTS consensus.
  • CDS realizes the commercial storage of data through distributed storage and the dedicated blockchain network and solves the security and encryption guarantees.
  • All data is valuable. CDS will allow the data value to return to the data producer and get a commercial return on the data value together with the data manager.
  • CDS supports the coexistence of different management needs. Data owners can obtain relatively partial and complete management mechanisms through commercial means according to their own needs. You can also control the data rights of all your own systems by becoming a CDS super node.
  • Individual node can obtain the business value and revenue generated by data through undertaking distributed storage and smart contract management.
  • In the domain, CDS has distributed storage technology beyond IPFS, as well as specialized data transaction management and related core functions like XRP. It also has the distributed storage data and efficient management capabilities that they do not have.

With the development of 5G, more comprehensive network coverage and faster and more efficient network transmission have become an urgent need, and the rapid increase in data volume has driven storage demand. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the storage market may exceed $131.7 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 28%, and the data storage market will surely usher in larger-scale growth.

With decentralized storage technology as the core and commercial application as the foundation, CDS step-by-step commercial data storage protocol will achieve the rapid development of the whole ecology in the field of big data storage. CDS is a distributed application system for commercial data beyond the IPFS transmission protocol. Everyone can participate in the construction of the hardware layer, contribute idle storage equipment or hard disk, and get the corresponding return. CDS will be a “distributed storage business application ecosystem”.

CDS distributed data commercial storage agreement has a variety of commercial storage solutions currently. For example, solutions in the financial field, solutions in the government category, solutions in the media and information industry, solutions in the medical field, solutions in the independent controllable storage industry, solutions in the education industry, communications solutions, transportation solutions, etc.

CDS will be more valuable in the future, and it will establish more business applications with more partners in multiple industries around the world. Since its birth, it has been quietly promoting the development of the whole ecology. In May 2020, it has formally submitted the STO standardization application to the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) and entered the review process. CDS is a revolutionary breakthrough at the technical level, and it will definitely surpass IPFS and become a dark horse in the field of data distributed storage technology 2.0 like ETH2.0.