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Expand Your Opportunities to Earn Money on Cryptocurrency with CryptoKG

October 20th, 2022 at 2:20 pm UTC · 3 min read

Expand Your Opportunities to Earn Money on Cryptocurrency with CryptoKG

The innovative CryptoKG platform gives crypto traders even more opportunities to increase their earnings on digital assets.

CryptoKG is one of the few licensed trading platforms. Here you can exchange your fiat funds for cryptocurrency, as well as trade not only in cryptocurrency pairs. You will have at your disposal tokenized indices, metals, stocks, energy resources and commodities. CryptoKG gives you the opportunity to trade all these assets on one single platform and not look for different services for investment.

Briefly about CryptoKG

More than 5000 traders in 140 countries around the world have already appreciated all the benefits of CryptoKG and use the exchange to trade tokenized assets. The platform service is licensed and registered in the UK. One of the main advantages is the fact that CryptoKG operates in accordance with EU legislation. This is another additional security guarantee for platform users.

Trade Barriers

  • Availability of more than 300 different assets: cryptocurrencies, tokenized indices, metals, oil, commodity market assets, etc.
  • The quotes of the tokenized assets of CryptoKG are identical to the exchange ones. So the price of an oil asset on the NYMEX exchange will not differ in any way from the price of oil on CryptoKG.
  • The ability to use leverage from 1:5 to 1:20, depending on the type of trading account and the selected asset.
  • The maximum level of comfort for all types of trading thanks to a fixed spread (only 0.1%).

From Beginner to Pro

The CryptoKG platform provides its users with six types of accounts, from the beginner Silver (deposit is 500 USDT) to the super professional Dragon (deposit is 1,000,000 USDT). Beginners can also open a demo account.

All types of accounts can be opened both in Bitcoin and USDT. CryptoKG also provides a quick licensed exchange feature, so users do not need to look for third-party services to exchange euros or dollars into Tether or Bitcoin. This feature is available in the Personal Account after registration and verification.

Features to Improve Your Professional Level

CryptoKG is a platform that cares about each of its clients and provides them with various options to improve their professional level. Features such as: consultations with analysts, various training programs, analytical reviews, trading signals, trading bots, analysis of transactions, etc. are available here. Also, CryptoKG clients can seek help from the company’s experts in order to create a diversified investment portfolio and effectively manage their investments.

The Most Favorable Conditions for Replenishment and Withdrawal of Funds

In asset trading, every cent counts. Based on this, experienced traders always study in detail the issue of replenishment and withdrawal of funds, as well as the commissions present.

CryptoKG clients do not pay any commissions other than market fees during trading (swap and spread). It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the spread is fixed and amounts to only 0.1%.

CryptoKG does not charge any fees from its clients for deposits and withdrawals. Only a commission from the payment system used by the client can be present here. In order to avoid paying any fees at all, CryptoKG users can always withdraw their funds in the form of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Litecoin are available for this. This opportunity makes trading as profitable as possible for CryptoKG clients.

How to start on the CryptoKG platform? First you need to register. Next, go through verification in your Personal Account. After that, access to cryptocurrency trading is open for you in CryptoKG. If you have any questions, you can always contact the customer support service for advice.



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